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Our Goal at Lift-Up

To provide an affordable alternative to concrete removal, replacement, and repair; with an elite combination of price, product, and service.

What is Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting & leveling also referred to as slab jacking is accomplished by drilling a series of holes in the concrete; injecting a grout into these holes using  hydrostatic pressure with a specialized grout pump at the right balance of psi to lift, level, and stabilize the concrete back to its original position.
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We have an attached carport and it had settled over the years. I was only expecting that they would be able to stabilize it from settling further. Greg set up the appointment and Kris and his crew came out a few weeks later. I was very happy when they were done, not only did they stabilize it but they were able to lift the side that had settled back up to where it should have been. These guys are awesome and highly recommend them.
Roland C.
I am very pleased with the finished work, knowing that there are no tripping hazards to deal with now. Kyle and his crew were completely professional and friendly. Kyle explained the process and kept me informed along the way. Again, very happy with the work they did.
Karen R.
Crew was very professional and fixed my concrete right up. Understand that lifting concrete does require drilling holes in the concrete so you just can't expect it to look like they never drilled holes since the fill is new where the rest of the concrete is older and faded. Now my elderly father isn't at risk of tripping and breaking a hip so I'm happy as a clam. Thanks!
Flex T.
From the initial contact With Lift-Up Concrete to the finished product- the entire experience was professional and enjoyable… The crew was courteous and kind. We park our heavy trucks on the lifted concrete with complete confidence!!
Connie R.
Had a wonderful experience with Lift Up Concrete. They gave us a really impressive bid, set up an appointment within the same week, came early and were quick and professional. The result is amazing (we were getting our backyard patio leveled to prepare for a pergola). Couldn't be happier!
Lacey M (.
Our front porch had sunk down. They were able to raise it up over 6 inches. The crew was wonderful.
Kate N.
The Owner Greg is an honest and fair tradesman. Lift Up is a great outfit with good people that do a great job. You will not be disappointed in their service and product.
Ken J.
Absolutely incredible team! Arrived on time, and honestly went way above and beyond what I thought they would do. Great quality work, very hard working team, very very very happy!
jason S.
Outstanding service, knowledgeable and professional crew. We had a big problem with our front porch. The steps and landing ( a large piece of concrete) were pulling away from the porch and bending the structural wrought iron. We thought we were going to have to pay to replace the front steps and wrought iron. We were thrilled that Lift-Up Concrete could fix this problem perfectly at a fraction of the cost of replacement. They also took care of some sections of our driveway that were subsiding. The driveway is 40 years old but was otherwise in excellent condition. With their repair we have no problems with heavy trailers or trucks on our driveway. Highly recommend this company!
Arlene C.
I am so happy I received a bid from Lift- up Concrete. Gregory gave us a great deal to lift up the concrete in our back yard. His employees called when they were on their way and gave a great time estimate. They estimated the time for the job and kept within that estimate. They worked quickly and kept me informed three times over the entire project.
Krista B.
We had them come level our walkway and portions of our driveway. Everything, from the estimation, the punctuality and cleanliness of the work to the very knowledgeable and professionalism of the works was right on point. I would recommend their services to anyone needing it.
Reed B.