Concrete Lifting in Salt Lake City, Utah

There are a huge range of purposes and uses for concrete across residential, commercial and municipal areas, and for Salt Lake City professionals experienced with every variety, you’ve come to the right place. The experts at Lift-Up Concrete Lifting, LLC, are here to handle every concrete lifting and leveling service you might require.

Whether you require a small injection to strengthen weak soil or a full-on lift or mudjacking service, you can rest assured you’ll receive efficient, cost-effective services from our technicians. Not only will our concrete lifting solutions keep your concrete surfaces looking smooth and clean, they’ll also increase safety and limit physical risks in the area.

Concrete Lifting Salt Lake City, Utah

Dealing With Concrete Settling

Over time, concrete is susceptible to basic movement and settling. This is often due to issues with the compacting of the soil beneath the concrete area, but it may also take place because of poor water flow or slopes, intrusion of water from natural sources, or a few other reasons. The results of this sort of settling taking place can range from mild to severe – at first you might only notice small sunken areas or shifting, but over time, settled concrete can lead to cracking, major water issues and even the need for full-on concrete replacement.

This is where our professionals come in. Whether you’re the owner or manager of a home, business or municipal facility, we can help assess the causes and extent of your concrete settling issues. From there, we can recommend the most cost-effective concrete leveling solution and quickly get to work implementing it for you.

Wide Range of Concrete Leveling Services

As we’ve noted, our services are available no matter which kind of structure or property requires them. We provide concrete lifting and leveling in each of the following areas:

Residential: Concrete is a vital part of nearly all residential properties, making up areas like driveways, garage floors, walkways, patios, porches, steps and more. Our services can help keep these areas safe and aesthetically pleasing, plus can prevent the kinds of cracking and leaking issues that may lower home values over time.

Commercial: Every part of your business matters to customers, even areas like walkways and parking lots. We can help keep these areas free of damage or risk, stabilizing soil and helping seal gaps and voids present in paved concrete.

Municipal: Lift-Up Concrete Lifting, LLC is also here to provide vital support to city structures like walkways, sidewalks and other major pieces of infrastructure. These areas support thousands of people, but are also exposed to significant stress and often run into concrete erosion and soil settling issues. We can help correct these and leave public grounds safe and appealing.

Our Trusted Team

At Lift-Up Concrete, you can rest easy knowing an experienced professional is at your service. All our experts are fully licensed and insured to provide our concrete lifting and leveling services, which often come at under half the cost of replacing the same area of concrete. Contact us today to learn more about the long-term solutions we can provide you.