concrete leveling warm-weather fun

How Concrete Leveling Leads to Warm-Weather Fun

While it certainly feels like it’s taken forever, a heavy Utah winter is finally winding down and giving way to warmer temperatures. This means several things for homeowners in terms of basic maintenance heading into the spring and summer season, including possibly a few concrete areas you might want to consider.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re here to tell you why this period of the year is often perfect for residential concrete lifting and leveling services. Here are several warm-weather activities and themes that are made both more entertaining and, more importantly, safer through proper, leveled concrete.

Kids and Playtime

If you have children, whether they’re extremely young and willing to play anywhere or getting older and looking to competitive sports like basketball, the driveway is a big-time potential play area. It’s the perfect spot to set up a hoop and play HORSE, or to purchase a couple road hockey goals and start a neighborhood game for your kids and their friends.

If your concrete is cracked or otherwise uneven, though, it both spoils the fun and risks the safety of everyone involved. And worse yet, if you try to simply play through minor concrete concerns, you’re guaranteed to make them worse eventually – to the point where no one can play on the surface at all.

Pool Considerations

Another central area for warm-month fun? The backyard pool, which is perfect for everything from a relaxing day in the sun to a full-on birthday celebration with a bunch of screaming kids.

But if you were a parent of a child preparing to attend such a party, would you be okay with them going if you knew the pool deck was badly cracked and unsafe? Remember, you’re not only dealing with the concrete issues here, but also with large amounts of water that can increase hazards. You likely wouldn’t be okay with this, and as such, you should have these surfaces leveled before the season begins.

Patios and BBQs

For the adults present, patio areas are valuable for some summer relaxation, often in the form of a gathering or barbeque. No one is going to want to come by for a few dogs, however, if they’re constantly tripping over cracks or uneven bricks. Our leveling services extend to patios and decks as well, so you can ensure you avoid these concerns well in advance.

Blades and Skates

If you have kids who have entered the world of rollerblading or skateboarding, it might not just be your driveway you have to consider – these items keep them moving all over the place, and you’ll want to ensure your sidewalks are safe as well. A broken arm due to poorly-maintained sidewalk concrete is just one area you can prevent if you have sidewalks leveled now.

For more on how concrete leveling can improve your warm-weather fun, or to learn about any of our concrete lifting or leveling services, speak to the pros at Lift-Up Concrete today.