concrete lifting Salt Lake City, Utah

How Much Time Does Concrete Lifting Take to Complete?

Call on a professional, and you won’t have to set aside much time for concrete lifting at your Salt Lake City home or business. Compared to a slab tear-out and replacement project, the process is significantly faster. That can take a couple of weeks, and a newly poured slab can’t be used for at least a month.

In contrast, apart from the initial consultation, the average concrete lifting project takes just an hour or two to complete. And when the job is done, there’s no need to wait a long time before using the slab. For more details on the time frame for this type of concrete repair, read on.

Consulting with a Local Concrete Lifting Contractor

Many professional concrete repair contractors that serve the Salt Lake City area – including the team at Lift-Up Concrete – offer free, no-obligation consultations and project estimates.

Consultations take place on-site, as contractors must assess the condition of the slab before suggesting a repair approach. And while concrete lifting is an affordable and effective solution for most cracked, sunken and settled slabs, it’s not the right remedy for crumbling or badly damaged concrete.

The day of your consultation, count on your professional contractor to inspect the slab in question, make a recommendation on concrete repair and provide an estimate for the project. In all, this shouldn’t take more than five or ten minutes.

What to Expect When You Schedule Concrete Lifting

When you decide to go ahead with concrete lifting, you’ll call your professional contractor of choice and arrange to have the repair completed at a convenient time.

Before the work crew arrives at your Salt Lake City home or business, you’ll need to get everything ready. Fortunately, that won’t take long – clearing the slab, making sure the area is easily accessible and confirming that the truck can park on the driveway or street nearby is all it takes to prepare for the project.

Once the concrete repair begins, the scope of the work to be done will determine the amount of time it takes. But as a general rule, experienced professionals can complete most jobs in one or two hours.

When Can the Concrete Slab Be Safely Used Again?

Anyone can safely walk on the slab as soon as the work crew is finished or even during the concrete repair, should the need arise. Doing so won’t have any effect on the project results.

However, if the slab is expected to support heavy weight – which would be the case with a driveway or parking lot, for instance – there is a waiting period. But it’s only a few hours or, at the longest, overnight. With a tear-out and replacement, the wait is much longer.

Lift-Up Concrete, a leading northern Utah concrete repair contractor, offers complimentary consultations to homeowners and businesses in the greater Salt Lake City area. To discuss your concrete lifting project with a friendly and knowledgeable professional, contact us today.