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Mudjacking: An Environmentally Responsible Concrete Repair Method

Mudjacking, or slab leveling, is almost always the ideal concrete repair solution for a cracked, sunken or settled slab. It’s quick, effective and less costly than the alternatives, making it the most practical option for Ogden property owners.

The cherry on top? Mudjacking is also an eco-friendly method of concrete repair, allowing you to fix the damaged concrete at your northern Utah home or business without leaving a large carbon footprint. Here’s what makes slab leveling an environmentally sound repair technique.

Natural Materials

Mudjacking involves a cement-based slurry, which is pumped through the concrete and into the soil underneath. No chemicals or synthetic fillers go into the slurry – it typically contains Portland cement, water, limestone aggregate and other organic materials. As the grout mixture used is completely natural, slab leveling is an eco-friendly concrete repair solution.

No Wasted Resources

During the mudjacking process, the mudlike slurry spreads out, filling the air cavities in the soil and creating pressure, which works to level and stabilize the slab. Professional contractors carefully control the amount of grout going into the ground, only pumping through enough to get the job done. Nothing is wasted, which helps keep the environment clean.

Not Much Energy Use

Slab leveling requires just one truck, equipped with a powerful drill and a hydraulic pump. A minimal amount of fossil fuel energy is needed to run the equipment, and a few hours is all it takes to complete most Ogden concrete repair projects. Since mudjacking doesn’t involve lots of power-hungry gear and gas-guzzling trucks, the environmental impact is minimized.

No Landscape Damage

When an Ogden concrete repair project is complete and work crew leaves the property, the look of the landscape isn’t all that different from when they arrived. Experienced professional contractors — like Lift-Up Concrete — make sure to park the work truck out of the way and take great care to ensure no environmental or landscaping damage is done. Really, the only change is the levelled slab.

Do You Need Concrete Repair?

At Lift-Up Concrete, doing what we can to protect the local northern Utah environment is a responsibility we take quite seriously. Practicing sustainable repair techniques and placing less of a demand on nature is important to us – and we’re just as committed to customer satisfaction.

Turn to us for slab leveling, and you can expect top-notch workmanship and stellar service. Mudjacking will be affordable, too, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’re making an environmentally responsible choice.

For more information on mudjacking, or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss concrete repair at your home or business in Ogden, Utah, get in touch with Lift-Up Concrete today.