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Mudjacking Can Solve Your Garage Drainage Problems

Mudjacking, or concrete leveling, is commonly associated with outside repairs. In and around Ogden, Utah, this alternative to tearing out and replacing a damaged slab is frequently used to repair sunken sidewalks, cracked driveways, settled patios and other outdoor concrete surfaces.

Still, mudjacking also works for uneven garage floors. If puddles form in your garage when it rains, concrete leveling is an effective solution.

Why is Water Puddling in Your Garage?

Pooling water in a garage can be due to improper land grading during construction. If the slope doesn’t guide rainwater toward the street, garage puddles are possible.

As a general rule, however, drainage issues are the result of soil settlement. Over time, changes in moisture along with repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles cause the soil to shift, creating air pockets in the earth under the garage floor. This leaves the concrete without sufficient support, which leads to sinking and cracking. As the slab settles, rainwater can easily end up flowing into the garage.

Why Not Install a Garage Floor Drain?

When dealing with a garage drainage issue at your Ogden home, installing a floor drain seems like a sensible approach – but mudjacking offers a better solution.

Adding a drain to your garage can be a difficult and costly project, much more so than mudjacking. The property wasn’t initially planned to include a floor drain, so the concrete may to be torn out to complete the installation. And even if you find a way to get the job done for a reasonable price, the drain may not function well for long – the air pockets in the soil will still be there, so the slab will continue to settle.

How Can Mudjacking Offer a Solution?

The mudjacking process is simple, and professional contractors have been using the technique to raise and stabilize uneven concrete slabs for more than 70 years.

How does mudjacking work? To begin with, a few small holes are drilled in the affected slab. Next, a cement slurry is sent through the holes, filling the air pockets under the concrete. Once that’s done, pressure lifts the slab to the proper position – and with a garage, care is taken to create the slope needed to carry rainwater away. By the next day, when the mudjacking slurry mixture has hardened, the garage is a stable parking space.

Mudjacking is a practical solution for a garage drainage problem, and the project won’t cost you an arm and a leg. At Lift-Up Concrete, we offer free, no-obligation garage concrete leveling consultations and estimates to homeowners throughout northern Utah. For more information on mudjacking and how it can work to keep water from pooling in your garage, contact us today!