Ogden’s Finest Concrete Lifting Company

Keep your interior and exterior concrete floors smooth and level with help from Lift-Up Concrete. We are specialists in concrete lifting in Ogden, Utah. With our services, you can save on replacement costs and maintain the aesthetics and functionality of your poured-concrete flooring.

Concrete Replacement or Mudjacking?

Concrete slabs are heavy. Add that to the load they need to support, and you get a total weight that could exceed the load-bearing capacity of the soil underneath. This is one of the usual reasons for sinking concrete slabs and uneven expanses of concrete.

Replacement is a plausible solution, but it’s not your only choice. If you want to save more time and money, choose our mudjacking services in Ogden. Many prefer our method of concrete repair because we can keep the disturbance and interruption to our clients’ operations or daily lives to a minimum.

Our Services in Ogden

Concrete leveling is simple in theory, but complicated in practice. You need powerful equipment to lift massive concrete slabs and pump leveling product underneath. We have such equipment, and more importantly, experienced crew members.

  • Residential Concrete Lifting – Stay within your home improvement budget. We level pool decks, patios, porches, garages, driveways and stairs at reasonable rates.
  • Commercial Concrete Lifting – Impress clients and customers with a flawless business facade and a well-maintained parking lot, warehouse, loading dock or fleet garage.
  • Municipal Concrete Lifting – Meet the public’s expectations and reduce the risks of accidents as people walk on public pathways or play with their families and friends in parks.

You Have Everything to Gain with Lift-Up Concrete

On average, concrete leveling in Ogden will cost less than half of the price of concrete replacement. Also, it only takes a few hours, as opposed to days or even weeks of mixing, pouring and drying fresh concrete.

In a nutshell, concrete lifting and leveling is faster and more affordable than replacement. It’s the most favorable option when you are on a budget and are limited by time constraints. If you have questions, call or email us. We’ll give you a free quote.