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Signs You Need to Call a Salt Lake City Concrete Leveling Expert

Concrete is an incredibly durable material, and if your walkways, driveway, patio, porch steps and other slabs are in good shape, you might not need to call a Salt Lake City concrete leveling expert right now.

Still, nothing lasts forever. As time marches on, slabs can become problematic – and left unaddressed, the issues only get worse. To preserve the curb appeal of your northern Utah property and make sure every slab is safe, contact a local concrete leveling company if you notice any of the following signs.

Concrete Cracks

Cracking in a concrete slab is often a warning sign of structural instability in the underlying soil.

Repair is essential, as cracks allow for water penetration. With more moisture seeping down into the soil, the affected slab becomes less stable. As temperature extremes cause the earth to expand and contract, voids or air pockets are created and the concrete starts to settle. Not taking action results in the issue getting worse – and with that, the cost of professional concrete leveling is higher.

Sunken Concrete

A slab that lacks sufficient soil support will sink – and any surface that isn’t level can be hazardous.

Walking on a sunken or settled slab increases the chance of a fall. If you know about the problem and someone visiting your Salt Lake City property happens to fall and suffer an injury, you might be held liable for any resulting medical costs, lost wages and other damages. To avoid this outcome, it’s best to schedule concrete leveling as soon as you notice a slab is sinking.

Pooling Water

Rain and melting snow should drain off of the slabs on your property – and if that’s not happening, you have a problem.

Standing water compromises the surface of a slab, causing it to wear down more quickly. Leave the issue unaddressed for too long, and along with pools, you’ll be seeing cracks. As we mentioned above, cracking can created soil instabilities, making the whole situation worse. On that account, if you notice any pooling water, calling a concrete leveling expert immediately would be wise.

Schedule a Free Concrete Leveling Consultation

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