Concrete Lifting and Leveling for Indoor Spaces

Even the strongest concrete floors can crack as the soil under the property shifts and becomes less stable. When your indoor concrete flooring in Salt Lake City is damaged or sloped, Lift-Up Concrete’s leveling and lifting services can help. Many of our satisfied clients have seen the improvements from lifting concrete in outdoor spaces, but did you know we can do the same in your warehouse, small office building, or other indoor concrete floorings?


Benefits of Indoor Concrete Lifting

Over time the flooring in your Salt Lake City warehouse or office building can start to slope or crack when the soil under the floor gets destabilized, water breaches the barrier and activity in the building applies weight to the cement flooring. As the underground soil becomes less stable, the warehouse or office floor also shifts. Indoor concrete lifting can prolong the life of your structure by leveling out a slope in concrete floors or eliminating cracks and other imperfections that could put your business or your employees at risk.

For most commercial businesses and warehouses it’s not possible to simply replace a building’s concrete floor without tearing down some or all of the building and starting from scratch, which is not a cost-effective or appealing option. Continuing to work in a building with sloping or cracked cement is also not a safe and sustainable choice for your business.


Exceptional Quality

At Lift-Up Concrete we use specialized lifting grout mixture that can repair cracks in your concrete and stabilize the soil by filling gaps and preventing moisture from breaching the surface and settling under your flooring. Our experienced team of professionals provides the highest quality service and skills to get concrete floors looking like new again. In most cases, the concrete is ready for use within just one day, rather than the weeks or months it could take to remodel or try to rebuild.


Safe, Durable, Long-Term Concrete Solutions

When done correctly, indoor concrete lifting is a strong and durable solution for any business or warehouse, no matter how much strain you put on the floors in your building. From inventory storage to loading docks and heavy machinery, a lifted concrete floor is safer and more secure than a cracked, sloping floor.

Contact Lift-Up Concrete to discuss your indoor concrete lifting needs and get an estimate today to get your flooring fixed.