Concrete Lifting in West Jordan, Utah

Are you dealing with damaged concrete and looking for high-quality concrete lifting, leveling, and repair services in West Jordan, Utah? Look no further. The team at Lift-Up Concrete has been handling such concerns for Utah clients for years, not only helping them return their concrete to a safe, hazard-free state but also increasing property value through areas like curb appeal.

If you’re simply looking for professionals to inspect and maintain your concrete slabs over the years, we’re here to help with a variety of basic upkeep services and minor repairs. If you’re a commercial building or property owner worried about concrete cracks or gaps creating a physical hazard you could be liable for, we’ll quickly assess and repair the damage so you’re not at-risk. Contact our team for more information on our varied concrete services.

Risks of Concrete Shifting

Both on residential properties and commercial ones, the primary cause of most of the concrete issues we deal with – cracks, gaps, moisture seepage, and related concerns – is shifting and settlement of the concrete. In many situations, it’s not the concrete itself that’s responsible for this, but rather the soil or earth that sits underneath it; if the concrete installer is not cognizant of this material, including working to solidify it and ensure it is not loose, it may shift around over time, causing cracks to appear in the concrete.

In other cases, these issues will be caused by moisture finding its way into the interior of your concrete slab. This can be especially damaging during the winter, when water will expand and contract during freezing cycles, creating even worse damage. And with concrete, the damage will only worsen over time.

How We Remedy Concrete Issues

Luckily, our team is here to address what we just went over above. Our concrete repair services are aimed directly at handling settlement and shifting concerns, including reinforcement of your soil and support for the concrete slab itself. We’ll also ensure your slab is level and does not contain any surface hazards whatsoever.

The Team Working For You

And when you work with the Lift-Up Concrete team, you get only the very best. All our concrete repair contractors are fully licensed and trained using our methods, plus carry full insurance coverage to keep both you and us protected.

On top of this, we’re dedicated to the happiness and repeat business of our customers. This is why we leave you in charge of any job we perform for you – you give the go-ahead for any work that’s done, and you’ll absolutely never open your bill to find unexpected costs or fees we didn’t tell you about.

For more on any of our concrete repair services in West Jordan, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.