Concrete Lifting in Syracuse, Utah

Lift-Up Concrete is proud to serve as your top concrete lifting, leveling, and repair specialist in Syracuse, Utah and nearby areas. From simple concrete maintenance to significant concrete repair needs that threaten the structural integrity of your concrete surfaces, we’ve seen every possible issue and know how to quickly and affordably repair it.

Are you a homeowner simply interested in maintaining property value and keeping the family safe? We’re here to help with basic upkeep and repairs. What if you’re a commercial building owner trying to prevent hazards and other concrete risks? We’re on the job. We even assist municipal bodies with areas like sidewalks, lots and other public concrete areas. Call us today for more information.

Concrete Shifting and Settlement

For the vast majority of our clients dealing with concrete damage or related issues, the primary culprit is concrete shifting and settlement. This effect refers to not only the concrete itself, but also the soil and other materials below it – both can move around in certain ways, whether due to moisture making its way in, weight or physical damage, or even poor original concrete installation.

When this happens, many of the worst possible concrete results take place. Settlement often leads to small initial cracks, but these start up a worsening cycle where moisture is allowed in, cracks expand and worsen, and over time the entire slab is compromised.

How We Help

Fortunately, our concrete repair specialists are here to cut off this damaging process before it grows too significantly. During our concrete repair services, which are available for residential homes, commercial buildings and even municipal areas like sidewalks or pathways, we’ll assess the root of the issue and help repair it.

Many of our repairs involve lifting the slab from the level it’s sunk to, plus repairing cracks or other damage, smoothing the surface, and even sealing it against future moisture infiltration. Our concrete lifting professionals will be happy to detail any of the specific processes we use or provide you with a free cost estimate for any concrete repair job.

Expert Staff

Whether your concrete repair job involves major lifting and leveling needs or just a few simple tweaks, you’ll work exclusively with our trustworthy, well-trained concrete technicians. All our employees carry proper certifications and insurance coverage, plus promote our customer-friendly program that involves transparent pricing, detailed billing and no hidden or unusual fees. There’s a reason we’re the first call for many concrete repair needs around Utah – we get the job done with a smile every time.

For more on any of our concrete lifting services in Syracuse, Utah, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.