Garage Floor Lifting & Leveling

Garage floors have a reputation for sinking. This is especially true of garages with poor or improper drain function. However, the snow, ice and rain that fall off of your car can also exacerbate the problem when it seeps down to the substrate state beneath your concrete floor. Water tends to run off to the sides of the garage which are already susceptible to soil settling.  It is not uncommon for a garage floor to settle by several inches over the course of a few years. Large cracks are another common problem associated with soil settling. If your car shakes a little when you pull into your garage it may be a sign that your floor is not level.

Hidden Garage Floor Lifting & Leveling Issues

Sometimes cracks or slopping aren’t readily apparent. However, you can easily test for soil instability by tapping your floor with a hammer every 3 to 4 feet. A hollow sound means that there are gaps in the soil. Replacing the concrete slabs on your garage floor can be costly and time consuming. Likewise, replacement service providers may be quick to recommend a full garage floor replacement, which requires additional time and money. It is also likely that you won’t be able to use your garage for several days, which can be a huge inconvenience during certain times of year.

Our professional grade concrete garage floor lifting & leveling service can correct the problem by filling in any voids with a grout mixture that adheres to the underside of your concrete, bringing it back to grade level. The mixture is also resistant to the water and moisture that contribute to settling. No expensive concrete removal or replacement is required. In many cases, you’ll be able to use your garage again in a just a few hours.