Municipal Concrete Lifting & Leveling

City walkways, squares and other municipal infrastructure are especially susceptible to soil settling and concrete erosion. When left untreated, these problems pose a hazard to pedestrians.

Municipalities have a responsibility to maintain these public thoroughfares. However, the cost of replacing a large number of concrete slabs or an entire building walkway is high and may not be covered in your annual budget. Professional concrete repair and lifting is a smart and relatively inexpensive solution that can restore your infrastructure as efficiently and quickly as possible. Best of all, the work can be done quickly, minimizing the disruption to your town’s public grounds and those who use them.

Sidewalk Concrete Repair

Concrete lifting or mudjacking is suitable for treating a number of problems commonly seen on municipal areas.  Sidewalks are exposed to a variety of elements on a daily basis, including rain, ice and snow. These elements can contribute to soil displacement or root invasion, creating uneven or raised sidewalk paths, which can be a liability for any municipality. Our concrete experts can fix your sidewalks in a fast and professional manner, whether you just need a few slabs done or an entire pathway.

Park Repair

Park concrete is exposed to all kinds of potentially damaging weather year in and year out.  Over time, this exposure can wreak havoc on the evenness of its surface. Concrete repair and lifting can be used to target specific problem areas such as concrete that is not level or even address major repairs like breaks and gaps. Most importantly, the treated areas will remain impervious to soil movement and harsh weather, eliminating the need for future repairs.

Soil Stabilization

Soil destabilization and plant or tree roots are the main causes of many concrete-related problems. Our special grout mixture works with soil moisture to fill in any existing gaps. This in turns helps to stabilize any concrete applied on top. It also prevents water from penetrating the treated area, saving you money in the long run. The result of our work is a level, visually appealing concrete products that will last for years to come.

Trust Lift Up Concrete for all municipal lifting, leveling, and repair services throughout the greater Salt Lake City area to Ogden.