Concrete Lifting in South Ogden, Utah

If you’re in need of a top concrete lifting, leveling, and repair expert in South Ogden or other parts of Utah, you’re in luck. The team at Lift-Up Concrete has been offering quality concrete repair services to all Utahns for years, providing them with not only quality, dependable services, but also assistance with an area that has several potential trickle-down effects if not repaired.

For homes or properties that have had past concrete issues, we’re proud to serve as basic inspection and maintenance contractors to keep your slabs in great shape. For properties dealing with specific existing concrete concerns, such as cracking or moisture infiltration, we’ll provide a quality cost estimate and excellent repair services, helping return your aesthetic to normal while removing hazards and liabilities. Contact us for more information on any of our concrete repair solutions.

Concrete Shifting and Settlement

The most common concrete issues we deal with are caused by the shifting and settlement of concrete slabs, and this effect can take place for a few different reasons. Perhaps the slab was not installed well, including potential risks with the soil makeup underneath it; in other cases, moisture infiltration or movement of the earth below the surface will cause this shifting, which in turn leads to cracking and several related risks.

And when this takes place, the entire concrete slab is at-risk. The cracks that may form present further opportunities for moisture to seep in and cause problems, especially during the Utah winter where this water will freeze and thaw regularly. And the longer you go without repairing it, the worse this damage will get.

Long-Term Repairs

Luckily, our team is here to offer robust, quality concrete repairs that will stand the test of time. Not only do we actively remedy concerns like cracks or gaps, but we also level out the entire slab and raise it to the proper level, plus work on the soil and surface below the slab to ensure it’s in ideal shape moving forward and you will not deal with the same issue again in a few months. We do all of this for an affordable price and with transparent, friendly services.

Quality Concrete Repair Contractors

All of our concrete repair work is carried out by the very best contractors in the business, all of whom are dedicated to our clients’ success. We do not allow our contractors to work without full licensure and insurance coverage, and we maintain our straightforward pricing structure no matter which of our technicians you’re working with.

For more on any of our concrete lifting services in South Ogden, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.