Patio Lifting & Leveling

Creating the perfect patio takes time and planning, as well as money. Discovering unsightly cracks or gaps in your backyard retreat can be frustrating as well as costly to fix. Depending on the severity of the problem, you may even be unable to keep chairs, tables or grills on it for fear of instability.

Do You Need Patio Lifting & Leveling?

If cracks, gaps or sloping that plagues your concrete patio runs alongside your home they may also be letting unwanted pests in or moving excess water toward your foundation.  Foundation settling can be a true structural emergency for your entire home. Concrete patio problems often arise due to poor construction or a lack of iron reinforcement. Poor drainage is another common cause of patio settling. Your building agreement may or may not cover the cost of replacing damaged concrete slabs. However, even if it does, replacement is a temporary fix at best if the underlying problem is soil-related.

Our concrete experts will be able to tell you exactly what the problem is and in most cases be able to fix it with a special grout mixture that adheres to your concrete and fills in any gaps in your soil.   Concrete patio lifting & leveling is a low-cost alternative to replacement and, more importantly, actually addresses the underlying cause of the problem, preventing it from re-occurring. Our method is so effective and minimally invasive that you won’t even be able to tell the difference between your old concrete and the restored concrete.  Don’t throw your hands up in resignation- call Lift-Up Concrete and see how we can help you for a fraction of the costs of replacement.

Lifting, Leveling & Repair for Concrete Patios 

In northern Utah, concrete patios are the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors. We relax with friends and family, grilling, playing games and taking in all that Mother Nature has to offer. 

However, if you have cracking, crumbling, sinking or buckling concrete, it can become difficult – if not impossible – to enjoy your patio. Even worse, this damage could contribute to the deterioration of other parts of your property. 

You don’t have to replace your patio to restore its integrity and appearance. With concrete patio repair from Lift Up Concrete, you can have your patio back to normal in just a few hours – for a fraction of the cost of concrete replacement. 

Causes of Cracked or Sinking Concrete Patios 

Although the passage of time has a negative effect on any exterior concrete, other factors can expedite the process and make the damage more severe. One of the most important factors is the often-harsh, ever-changing weather conditions in northern Utah. Rain, snow and ice can all take its toll, particularly the freezing and thawing cycles that we constantly experience. 

Another critical factor is the condition of the soil that underlies your concrete patio. Loose soil, air gaps and soil instability can all contribute to cracking of concrete slabs. Once cracks develop, moisture seeps in and the damage can begin to progress more rapidly. 

Unless these issues are addressed, concrete damage will continue, eventually rendering your patio unsafe, unsightly and potentially unusable. 

Concrete Patio Repair Options 

If you are dealing with concrete patio damage, you are likely considering what options are available to you. Concrete resurfacing can help improve the appearance of your patio, at least temporarily, but ultimately won’t do much to halt the progress of deterioration. 

Concrete patio replacement is also a viable option. However, patio replacement is expensive and highly disruptive. The process can also take days or even weeks to complete, with the potential for damage to your yard and landscaping as a result. And, unless your contractor addresses the underlying soil conditions that led to the damage, you could find yourself experiencing the same kind of problem in the (potentially near) future. 

For many Utah homeowners, lifting and leveling is the ideal way to repair their concrete patios. Using a highly efficient and affordable process known as mudjacking, Lift Up Concrete restores your patio, making it level and stable with minimal disruption. At the same time, our services address the underlying soil problems that contributed to the damage originally. 

Choosing a Utah Patio Repair Contractor 

It can be confusing to identify the best concrete patio repair company for you. Before you make any decisions, talk to the team of patio repair experts at Lift Up Concrete. We offer free consultations and cost estimates, giving us a chance to explain our processes and tell you more about how our services can benefit you.  

Contact us today to learn more about mudjacking and whether this is the right solution for your Utah concrete patio repair.