Concrete Lifting in Roy, Utah

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re happy to provide concrete repair, lifting, and leveling services in Roy, Utah, and nearby areas to a variety of clients. There’s no concrete damage or wear-and-tear issue we haven’t handled in our years serving Utahns, allowing them to maintain safe and aesthetically pleasing properties.

Are you a homeowner intent on keeping property value high and maintaining the visual aesthetic of your space? Call on us for everything from minor to severe concrete issues. What if you’re a commercial building owner or manager looking to maintain concrete and limit physical hazards and liability risks? We’ve assisted numerous others in your position as well. Call us today to learn more about what we do.

Dealing With Concrete Movement

Many of the most common concrete issues we’re called on to repair originate from a singular source: The shifting, settlement, and other movements of your concrete slab, or more commonly the soil and other materials below it. In some cases this movement is due to poor installation by a previous contractor, often due to improper attention to this soil; in others, concrete issues will be caused by specific forms of damage or wear-and-tear that take place.

In either case, these issues are problematic and will only worsen. They tend to begin with risks like cracks and other gaps forming in concrete, which then allow moisture to seep in below the surface and create further issues – especially during the winter where said moisture will expand and contract based on temperature. Over time, if not remedied, concrete cracks will expand.

Concrete Repair Services We Offer

When the above issues are taking place on your concrete, it’s time to call our professionals for assistance. Our concrete lifting and leveling services are meant to deal directly with the problems we laid out above, reinforcing your soil and providing additional support to your concrete slab to ensure it remains both level and pristine. Not only does this service eliminate hazards and liability risks, but it also makes the concrete area look good as new and can have a major impact on property value.

We offer the following concrete leveling services in Roy, Ogden, and other areas of Utah:

  • Residential concrete lifting: Whether you’re aiming to level a pool deck, a driveway, a garage floor, or any other surface, we have affordable and transparent rates available for you.
  • Commercial concrete lifting: Any business or commercial building should feature impeccable concrete surfaces, from parking lots to loading docks, garages, and other possible areas customers may be exposed to. We’ll supply these for you at a cost that stays within your company’s budget.
  • Municipal concrete lifting: We’re also proud to offer municipal concrete leveling services for surfaces like sidewalks, public pathways or park areas. Our services here reduce accident and liability risks on top of their aesthetic benefits.

All of these services are carried out using the latest in modern concrete lifting equipment, plus an experienced crew who knows precisely how to apply this equipment properly.

When Mudjacking is Preferable to Replacement

Our primary concrete repair format is called mudjacking, a technique that involves drilling small holes in concrete slabs and pumping in slurry to fill in voids and properly level the concrete. Through mudjacking, we will restore your concrete to the original level position, plus provide caulking for any cracks or holes.

Compared to replacing concrete slabs, which are heavy and expensive, mudjacking is a far more affordable process. It saves both time and money, plus doesn’t disturb your daily life as concrete is dug up and replaced.

Cost and Time Savings

In general, our concrete lifting, leveling, and repair services cost less than half the price of replacement for the same slab of concrete. In addition, rather than you having to wait days or even weeks while your old concrete is dug up and eventually replaced, our mudjacking process takes just a few hours to complete from start to finish.

Quality Concrete Repair Contractors

Best of all, any project you call on us for will be carried out by our dedicated concrete repair professionals. We only employ the best in the industry, requiring robust licensure and training before allowing any of our contractors to work on your property. We also promote the best pricing structure in the industry, with no hidden fees and competitive prices for the very best concrete repair services you can find.

For more on any of our concrete lifting and repair services in Roy, Utah, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.