Walkway Lifting & Leveling

Your concrete walkway serves as an unofficial welcome mat for anyone entering your home. With this in mind, you’ve probably invested a fair amount of time and or labor into making it look as attractive as possible. Unfortunately, the concrete that makes up your walkway derives its structure and stability from the underlying substrate, which may include a variety of substances including soil, sand, chalk or clay.

Why Invest in Walkway Lifting & Leveling?

Over time melting ground water can cause your soil to contract and expand, resulting in movement. This soil erosion breaks down your walkway’s foundation causing damage to the concrete above. Likewise, if your soil was improperly compacted during installation it will eventually lead to the same problem. When soil displacement becomes severe enough unsightly waves, cracks, or general unevenness may appear, changing the appearance of your concrete walkway.  If that were not enough, plant and tree roots can also slowly move concrete over time, creating cracks and gaps.

In addition to being an eyesore, this concrete damage can also pose a hazard for anyone using your walkway path.  Everyone from guests to your local mailman has an increased risk of a slip and fall when your walk is misaligned. With our advanced concrete lifting technique and grout mixture we can fill the area beneath your concrete slabs, lifting them back to grade level. This will also fill in any gaps in the underlying soil, preventing further movement and permanently fixing the affected area or areas into their proper place.

Replacing your walkway can be expensive and doesn’t actually get to the root of the problem. However, concrete walkway lifting & leveling (or mudjacking, as it is also known) is affordable and generally costs half the price of traditional concrete replacement services.  Most concrete repair jobs are completed in just a few hours and in many cases you’ll be able to use your walkway again by the end of the day or even sooner.

Lifting, Leveling & Repair for Residential Concrete Walkways 

Your home’s walkways and sidewalks serve a critical function – to ensure that residents and visitors can safely and efficiently navigate to, from, and around the property. 

If your concrete walks or pathways are in less than optimal condition, you could face a variety of risks and challenges. Replacing concrete sidewalks can be an expensive proposition, however, causing significant disruption and making a mess of surrounding landscaping. 

Lift Up Concrete offers a highly effective and affordable alternative to walkway replacement. Our concrete lifting and leveling services are not only cost-effective, but they minimize the time and hassle necessary to restore your walks to pristine – and safe – condition. 

Why Walkway Repair Is Important 

Flat, level walks help minimize the risk of tripping and falling. This helps ensure the safety of those who traverse these pathways. It also helps reduce legal and financial liability. 

Beyond these critical concerns, your walkways contribute to the overall appearance of your property. Letting concrete sidewalks break, buckle and sink can cause your home’s exterior appearance to become worn and unkempt. This, in turn, can have a negative effect on your home’s value and potential salability. 

The sooner you seek professional concrete walkway repair, the sooner you can reduce these risks and improve your home’s exterior appearance. 

Why Chose Concrete Sidewalk Leveling 

Replacing broken sidewalks requires breaking out the existing concrete and having the resulting debris hauled away. This may also necessitate disturbing nearby grass and landscaping elements. Large mixing trucks have to come onto your property to bring new concrete. Workers must facilitate pouring and finishing, which takes time under the best and easiest of conditions. Once the walkways are poured, the concrete can take days to cure – during which time no one will be able to use the surfaces. 

Mudjacking – the process used to lift and level existing concrete surfaces – requires none of those complex steps. Our team of experienced technicians simply drill small holes in the existing surface and then pump a specialized concrete mixture through these access points. This mixture lifts and levels the surface, restoring both its appearance and stability. 

More important, pouring new walkways may not even fix the root of the problem. Soil instability is the primary cause of cracked, sunken concrete. If the new sidewalks are poured over an existing problem, you might soon face the same problems. Mudjacking addresses these issues, filling in and compacting the underlying soils and creating a stable supporting surface for your sidewalks. 

Choosing a Utah Concrete Walkway Repair Contractor 

You have many options when choosing a concrete repair contractor in Ogden, Salt Lake City, or any of the surrounding communities of northern Utah. The most important consideration is finding an experienced mudjacking expert with the knowledge, experience, and track record to earn your trust.  

Lift Up Concrete is a locally owned and operated company. We have a long list of satisfied customers who can and will vouch for our capacity to deliver exceptional results. Before you make any decisions about repairing your concrete walkways, contact us today for a free consultation and cost estimate.