Concrete Leveling and Lifting Specialists in Salt Lake City

Improve your property’s look and function by leveling your patios, walkways, stairs and other concrete floors. Get in touch with Lift-Up Concrete. We are authorities in concrete leveling in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Reverse the Effects of Poor Soil Grading on Concrete Slabs

Uneven concrete slabs are not only unattractive; they’re also trip hazards. Even a half-inch incline can cause missteps, falls and injuries. Uneven concrete is, therefore, a concern you need to address immediately.

Calling a building contractor, however, might end with you paying thousands of dollars to replace your cracking or sinking concrete slabs. We offer a more affordable and equally effective solution: mudjacking, also known as slab jacking or concrete lifting and leveling.

Our Services in Salt Lake City

Few are as equipped as we are to perform concrete lifting in Salt Lake City. Our company invests in the latest machinery so we can effectively lift and level concrete slabs, regardless of their weight or size.

We provide all three categories of concrete repair in Salt Lake City:

  • Residential Concrete Lifting – Maintain your home’s inviting design and keep its market value up by leveling patios, driveways, stairways and interior floors.
  • Commercial Concrete Lifting – Keep your customers happy with a smooth parking lot and reduce driving and tripping hazards for your loading docks, garages, warehouses, and trucking and transport areas.
  • Municipal Concrete Lifting – Improve infrastructure for pedestrians and provide appealing public-use areas by maintaining the concrete slabs in sidewalks and parks.

Save Time and Money with Lift-Up Concrete

You have everything to gain by opting for concrete leveling instead of large-scale concrete repair and replacement. You only have to pay roughly half the price for the same results! What’s more, concrete lifting and leveling don’t require weeks of rehabilitation. The concrete will be ready for regular use in a just a couple of hours.

Learn more about our services and get a free estimate when you call Lift-Up Concrete. Contact us today.

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