Concrete Lifting in South Jordan, Utah

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re your one-stop shop for all concrete lifting and concrete repair needs in South Jordan and nearby areas of Utah. Not only do we keep all your concrete surfaces in great shape so they provide full value to your property, we also clear any hazards or liabilities to keep the property safe at all times.

We do this with a wide range of services, spanning from basic maintenance and inspection of concrete slabs up to major repair needs. We’re happy to assist a variety of both residential and commercial clients, whether you’re looking to maintain property value, remove hazards that might lead to commercial liability, create a more aesthetically-pleasing concrete setup, or any combination therein. Call us today to learn more about our concrete services.

Concrete Experts

Our years of quality service and extensive list of satisfied customers are both marks of our business success, and none of it is possible without our fantastic team of concrete contractors. We utilize stringent hiring practices that only bring us the very best, plus require full licensure and insurance plus detailed training under our specific services.

And from the company level down to each of our contractors, we’re committed to our clients first and foremost. We believe in long-lasting relationships over making a quick buck, and we try to accomplish this by offering you honest pricing and the same level of quality for every single job.

Common Damage Causes

Whether due to poor installation, wear-and-tear over time, specific recent damage or some combination of these issues, there’s a common culprit in many concrete damage concerns: Shifting and settlement. This tends to take place in the soil beneath the concrete slab, which sometimes will not be prepared correctly, or may erode and either shift or drop over time.

When this happens, there are major risks to the concrete above the soil. From the creation of cracks and gaps to the presence of moisture that may seep its way into these areas and cause other damage, there are multiple concerns here. This damage will only worsen the longer it’s left without repair.

Our Concrete Repair Solutions

If this or any other incident of concrete damage has happened on your property, our team is one call away. Not only do we repair the actual concrete damage and return your slab to a good-as-new state, we also reinforce the soil beneath the slab and provide quality support that will resist shifting or settlement for years to come.

For more on our concrete repair, lifting, and leveling services in South Jordan, Utah, speak to the staff at Lift-Up Concrete today.