Step Lifting & Leveling

Few concrete problems are as conspicuous as slanted or raised steps. Crooked stairs are highly visible to passersby and neighbors and can ruin the appearance of your entire home exterior. They are also particularly dangerous for anyone who requires the use of your stairs. Likewise, if your stairs lack a rail some people may simply be unable to use them, which can be an embarrassing inconvenience for you and your guests.

Why is Step Lifting & Leveling Useful?

Soil destabilization is the most common reason for this problem and can occur in newer or older homes. This problem tends to happen when runoff water from rain, snow or ice leaks through to the ground below, causing the underlying soil to shift. Due to the safety risks associated with this type of concrete damage, it is important to get your steps fixed as soon as possible before you or someone else gets injured.

If your stairs are cracked or have actually have begun to pull away from your porch leaving a discernible gap, you may be tempted to call a replacement service. However, with our professional concrete step lifting, leveling, and repair services, you can save yourself time and money. Using a special grout mixture, which we inject through several small drilled holes in your concrete, we can seamlessly restore any cracks in your stairs and make them level in the process.

Most concrete repairs are done in just a few hours and you’ll be able to use your stairs in their newly restored form later the same day. You’ll also only pay about half of what you would if you have paid to have your stairs replaced. Best of all, the fix is permanent and designed to withstand water and moisture so you won’t have to worry about replacing your stairs in the future.

Repair Solutions for Cracked or Sinking Concrete Steps 

If you have concrete steps that are sunken, cracked, or uneven, this problem can potentially pose a safety hazard as well as an aesthetic challenge. Fortunately, concrete leveling from Lift Up Concrete can put these challenges behind you, quickly and affordably. 

We can assist you with concrete step leveling at any exterior location around your home, including front porch steps. 

The Challenges of Sunken Concrete Steps 

The passage of time can lead to soil settling, one of the many causes of sinking steps. However, other factors can cause steps to sink and become uneven. 

The wintertime cycle of freezing and thawing can cause the underlying soil to shift and heave. Poor draining can lead to soil erosion. Another potential cause is underlying soil that was poorly compacted and prepared prior to construction. 

The appearance of sunken stairs can degrade your home’s curb appeal and even make the property appear neglected. More important, sinking or cracking steps can quickly become a tripping and falling hazard. This could cause residents or visitors to become injured and potentially subject you to legal and financial liability. 

For these reasons, it is important to address cracked concrete steps as quickly as possible, to avoid accidents and prevent the situation from becoming worse. 

Concrete Step Repair & Leveling 

Your options for addressing sunken concrete steps are limited. You can have the steps torn out and replaced. However, this can be expensive, disruptive, and time-consuming. The other option is to have the steps lifted and leveled using a technique known as mud jacking. 

Mudjacking for concrete steps is quick and affordable. Experienced technicians drill small holes through the steps. Then, using cutting-edge equipment, the techs pump a specialized concrete slurry into the holes. This mixture fills in gaps and compresses the underlying soil. In this manner, the steps are gradually lifted back to grade level. 

The advantages of this approach are significant. The repairs don’t require the disruption or disturbance of your yard or landscaping. The process can be completed in just a couple of hours and your steps will be immediately usable – no waiting for new concrete to set or cure. Even better, the cost of concrete stair leveling is only a small fraction of the cost of step replacement. 

Choosing a Utah Concrete Step Repair Contractor 

As the leading concrete repair contractor in the Salt Lake City area, Lift Up Concrete has the knowledge and experience to handle your step repair project – no matter how large or how small it might be. 

We are your go-to local concrete repair contractor, serving residential and commercial customers throughout northern Utah. We are fully licensed and insured, for your protection and peace of mind. 

We offer complimentary consultations and cost estimates. Contact us now to schedule your appointment or to learn more about leveling and repair for concrete steps in Utah.