Fix Concrete Damage

4 Reasons to Fix Concrete Damage

Concrete damage is detrimental to your home or business, so don’t wait too long to fix it. Take a look at these four reasons you should make repairs as soon as possible.

It’s a Safety Hazard

Sunken slabs, chipped surfaces and tilting patios could lead to injuries. Falling is a leading cause of injury in the United States, so eliminate this risk by ensuring all concrete surfaces are even. A simple repair is all that is needed to improve the safety of your family and guests.

You Could Be Liable for Injuries

If a fall does result in an injury and the reason is tied to improperly maintained concrete, the property owner is going to be held liable. Particularly for business owners, it’s vital to make sure trip hazards are eliminated from all walking areas. While insurance is a good safeguard, it might not cover claims in certain instances. For example, if it is proven that a business owner knew about damage but delayed repairs, it could become a problematic situation that may affect a company’s finances.

Your Curb Appeal Will Sink

If you’re thinking about selling your home and you have damaged concrete, it’s going to affect your property’s marketability. Your home value will sink like your concrete. Even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, don’t you want your home to stand out in your neighborhood for the right reasons? Make sure your property is known for its meticulous appearance, not its problems.

It Might Violate Building Code

Sinking concrete slabs and other concrete damage might leave your structure, especially if it’s a flight of stairs, in violation of local building code. This is especially an issue if the problem is at a commercial property. It’s better to correct the issues right away through straightforward, cost-effective repairs that will pay off. A repair puts you back in compliance and relieves all your worries.

Get Concrete Lifting Right Away

If a slanting, sinking slab is causing you worry, it’s time to call a concrete lifting contractor. Modern repair methods like slabjacking and professional tools and equipment can get your concrete surfaces restored in less than a day. There’s no need to put it off for the future when you can see high-quality results immediately.

Forget paying for a complete tear-out job. Stabilizing grout injected beneath the tilting surface will restore your stairs, driveway or walkway to its previous even level and you can walk and drive on it the same day.

Call Lift-Up Concrete today for a free estimate and to learn more about why concrete damage should be remedied as soon as possible.