6 Benefits of Slabjacking


How can slabjacking help you? If your concrete slab is cracked and sinking and you aren’t sure what to do, you might wonder if you have to replace the entire surface or if there’s an easier way to tackle this important repair project.

Slabjacking is the ideal repair method for many residential and commercial concrete problems. A professional company will drill holes in the affected surface and inject a stabilizing grout beneath the sunken slab, filling the underlying gaps and pushing the slab back into its previous position. The cracks can then be filled and sealed and the slab will look as good as new.

Let’s take a look at six reasons slabjacking can be a better choice than replacement.

Fix Your Concrete in Any Type of Weather

While a complete concrete tear-out job is nearly impossible to conduct in cold weather due to the frozen ground, slabjacking can be done at any time of year, no matter what the temperature. This is helpful when repairs are necessary at businesses that operate year-round.

Fast, Non-Disruptive Process

If you have heavy-duty equipment or storage containers on your concrete slab, don’t worry — you can leave them right where they are. Slabjacking is a powerful repair method, so much so that you do not have to move any weighty items off the surface before the project begins.

Reduce the Mess

Replacing an entire slab is an involved, dusty, messy process. The demolition stage is extensive and noisy, then the debris must be removed before a new slab can be poured. Why remove good concrete just because of a minor crack or sunken area when slabjacking can do the job?

Save Money on Replacement

Cost is also a major consideration. Tearing up concrete and initiating an entire replacement is a significant investment. Slabjacking can be completed for a fraction of the cost, saving homeowners and businesses money.

No Wait Time to Resume Use

If you decide to completely replace concrete, don’t expect to be able to use the surface for a couple of weeks. Concrete can take a month or more to cure. If you regularly drive or operate machinery on the surface, this can present a major inconvenience. Slabjacking repairs have a much shorter wait time before you can resume use. You can begin walking or driving on the repaired concrete within a few hours after the project is complete.

Retain Slab Color

Even if you replace only a portion of your concrete, it will most likely dry a different color than the remaining sections. This can take away from a home’s curb appeal. Keep the original concrete in place and maintain the even coloring that contributes to the aesthetics of the structure.

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