Commercial Concrete Repair Can Reduce Your Liability

Commercial Concrete Repair

You’re starting to think you should call a commercial concrete repair company. That crumbling walkway and sinking set of stairs are beginning to become quite an eyesore.

Put curb appeal aside for a minute and consider another issue: If someone is hurt on your property, you could be held responsible if the cause for the injury was due to negligence on your part. Failure to take care of your commercial concrete won’t only hurt your image, it can hurt your reputation and your finances.

Could You Be Liable for Injuries?

You might think you aren’t the responsible party, especially if you are renting the commercial space where your business is located, but this isn’t the case. Typically, when it comes to proving liability in injury cases, it comes down to who is in control of the property.

If you signed a commercial lease and took possession of the building, you will most likely be considered the responsible party. The only case where you would not be held liable is if the property was already in its current condition before your company took possession, but this would have to be proven in order to clear your business of liability.

Even if you’re the owner of a commercial building and you’ve rented it out to business tenants, it’s in your best interests to make sure all areas of the property are structurally safe, with no risk to customers. You will protect yourself from lawsuits and maintain the value of your property by keeping it in good condition.

What Are Signs Your Commercial Concrete Needs Repair?

On the inside of the building, you might notice the concrete floors have shifted or are uneven. The surface may have cracks. Moisture stains, a mildew smell, insect infestations or a simple musty odor could permeate the space.

On the exterior of the building, you might see that the entry walkway or stairs are crumbling or cracked. Concrete parking lots might have surface corrosion from repeated freeze/thaw cycles. Any wide cracks or uneven surfaces significantly raise the risk of customer injury.

The structure itself might be compromised if the metal bars are corroded, leading to an overall weakening of the building.

Cost-Effective Solutions Are Key

When you’re planning a commercial concrete repair project, complete demolition is not always the best use of your funds. Ripping up a concrete structure, especially if it involves a part of the building’s support system, can get expensive if it includes demolition, excavation and the pouring of an entirely new structure.

Instead, it’s better to investigate your commercial concrete repair options. This could include slabjacking – a straightforward process that involves stabilizing the concrete structure without completely removing it, then filling in the cracks and refinishing the surface until it looks like new.

The fact is, plenty of commercial concrete repair alternatives can save you money, and Lift-Up Concrete can help.