Is Concrete Leveling a Long-Term Solution?

Concrete Leveling

You’ve heard about concrete leveling, but you may be skeptical. You’ve been around long enough to know that money spent on a repair is wasted unless that repair is going to stand the test of time.

With that in mind, you may wonder: How long does concrete leveling last?

It’s Strong and it’s Long-Lasting

Don’t fall for the misconception: Concrete leveling isn’t putting a Band-Aid on a failing structure. It’s a permanent fix for sinking concrete.

The material used initially will be a bit more pliable than standard concrete because it has to be injected beneath the surface. It will spread and fill the empty space that’s causing the instability and the sinking underneath your driveway, patio or walkway, then it will cure.

It dries just as hard as you’d expect — as hard as concrete. But even though it dries, it doesn’t shrink. It maintains its shape in order to provide the support that your current structure is lacking.

What’s the Alternative?

Think about what you’d have to do if you weren’t aware that concrete leveling was an option. You would have to tear out all the damaged concrete and start over. That kind of extensive work requires heavy-duty construction equipment and hours of manpower. You can expect your lawn and gardens to suffer.

Once you’ve removed the cracked, shifting material, it’s time to re-pour. While you may be able to compact the soil more than before, there is no guarantee that this freshly poured material won’t also start to sink once it has time to dry.

Removing and re-pouring concrete is no small task. It’s disruptive to your property, it ruins your lawn, it takes months to solidify and you have no assurance that winter’s freeze/thaw cycle and soil shifting won’t land you in the same predicament in the future.

Efficiency Is Key

One of the greatest features of concrete leveling is that repairs don’t take long. You can plan on having restored, even concrete surfaces that are ready for use within a day.

Also, you don’t have to spend extra time preparing the surface. Leave your furniture on your concrete patio. Leave your car parked on your driveway.

Concrete leveling is executed quickly, and the stabilizing grout mix cures fast. Your daily routine is disrupted as little as possible. It’s fast, it’s effective and it will improve the safety of your family and your guests while considerably upping your curb appeal.

Are you interested in specifics? Contact Lift-Up Concrete today and get a price for concrete leveling of your commercial, residential or municipal structure or surface.