What Goes in to a Concrete Lifting Estimate?

Concrete Lifting Estimate

A concrete lifting estimate will tell you if you can afford to repair your cracked, sinking structure. It also helps you compare the cost of replacement to a repair.

What factors does a concrete lifting estimate consider?

Fixed Costs That Affect Price

A baseline cost covers the use of the tools and the materials, and the actual service call. A concrete repair company is a business that has to maintain professional training and insurance.

You also may have to pay taxes on the job, depending on the laws where you live.

The Severity of the Problem

Concrete slabs that are severely sunken require more time to raise, and that means additional labor costs. More grout may be needed as well in order to lift the slab back into position.

The Location of the Slab

Your concrete repair company also will examine the slab’s location. Depending on whether they have to fit their machines into tight corners, this could extend the time it takes to complete the job.

They also will account for the time and materials needed to repair any landscaping that gets ruined in the process. A quality company won’t leave the work space until all grass and mulch has been replaced.

What’s Included in My Quote?

When it comes down to it, the reason you want a concrete lifting estimate is because you are thinking about price. While the cost is definitely important, take note of the other information that you will receive in your quote as well.

For one, look at the company’s estimate of how long the project will take. If they determine that a job will take a full day and other companies have quoted you a few hours, ask them for their reasoning behind their projection.

Also, look at what kind of warranty they provide with their work. Do they guarantee that the slab will not sink again for a certain period of time? You want to invest in a lasting repair, not throw money at a solution that’s only temporary.

Finally, make sure the company leaves you with a few reference contact numbers so that you can follow up and find out their past customers’ opinions before you hire them.

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