Can Concrete Lifting Fix Your Problem?

Concrete Lifting

You may have heard that concrete lifting is a cost-effective way to fix your damaged concrete, but you may be skeptical. Is this method ideal? Wouldn’t it be easier to just tear out the concrete and start over?

Concrete lifting, also called slab jacking, repairs concrete at a fraction of the price of a complete tear-out job. It’s an innovative, affordable way to repair the structure already in place, and the end product will be stronger than ever.

What Materials and Tools Are Used?

Three primary tools are used for this project: a drill, a mixer and a pump.

The drill is used to create a small hole in the surface of the sunken concrete that reaches all the way through to the underside. Sometimes called a coring machine, this piece of equipment is designed to drill through the concrete but create the least amount of dust possible.

The mixer is used to combine the ingredients that make up the grout and keep it evenly mixed until it is time to inject it with the pump. Grout consistency is key to a sturdy final product.

The hydraulic pump injects the grout mixture at an even pace — it has the capability to deliver pressure up to 100 pounds per square inch.

What’s the Grout Made Of?

The grout that’s injected underneath the sunken area is similar to the material used to create the structure in the first place.

The concrete lifting professional will use Portland cement, water and limestone dust or sand to create a paste-like consistency. Additional materials such as bentonite also may be used. This helps lubricate the mixture as it fills the space beneath the slab. Other expanding additives also help prevent the grout from shrinking as it dries.

After the material cures, it is just as strong as any concrete, and the added stability keeps your patio, driveway or garage floor sturdy for years to come.

What Is Concrete Lifting Good for?

Concrete lifting is the ideal repair method for any concrete structure that has settled, such as a driveway, garage floor, sidewalk, porch or pool deck. In fact, slab jacking is the primary way to lift a deck surrounding a pool with a vinyl liner. The grout mixture can be thickened to reduce the chance of damage to the liner — an expensive fix.

Do you think this repair method might be good for an area at your home? Talk to Lift-Up Concrete and learn more about the strength and durability concrete lifting provides.