Concrete Lifting: Get Your Patio Fixed for Summer Fun

Patio Concrete Lifting

Lifting is an effective, affordable way to make your concrete like new again without having to completely replace it. And with the warm, summer months on the horizon, you are probably thinking about how your worn-down outdoor living spaces need a face-lift.

Before you schedule your first barbecue, consider how concrete lifting can revamp your patio.

Your Patio Suffers Wear and Tear All Year

Concrete is a permeable material, susceptible to damage when subjected to the unforgiving freeze/thaw cycles of winter. Water penetrates concrete then freezes, putting stress on the structure. The ice then melts and freezes again when temperatures change.

Eventually, this can cause cracks in your patio. Once the cracks are deep enough, your slab is more likely to sink or heave.

How Does It Work?

Don’t waste your time and money on tearing out your patio and pouring a new one — not when there is a much faster and more affordable fix available.

Concrete lifting involves drilling a small hole in the surface of the sunken portion of the slab. A grout mixture is injected into this hole, filling the hollow space beneath the patio that is causing it to destabilize.

The grout props up the slab, returning it to its original position, and hardens within a few hours. The surface cracks are then filled and restored, restoring your patio. You can even walk on it the same day!

Will Concrete Lifting Help?

If your patio has heaved or sunken over the course of the long, frigid winter, concrete lifting is most definitely a viable option for repairs.

Maybe the patio’s surface slowly began to crack over time, leading to the sinking of one portion. When older concrete sinks, it is usually because the ground underneath has settled. Newly poured concrete also has the potential to sink, the likely cause being the installation contractor not packing down the soil firmly enough before pouring.

Regardless of the reason for the damage, lifting your concrete can and will stabilize your patio once again — you just need a team of restoration experts to help.

Call for a Free Estimate

Before you take the plunge, you’ll want to know for sure that you’ll get the desired results.

It’s easy to get answers — just call Lift-Up Concrete and ask for a free repair assessment. You can rely on an experienced concrete lifting team to transform your outdoor spaces — just what you need for summertime fun!