Concrete Steps: Replace or Repair?

Concrete Steps

Are your concrete steps chipped, cracked or sunken?

Maybe you’ve tripped on them due to the damage, and you hold your breath every time a guest walks up or down. It’s time to consider either a major repair or a complete replacement, but it’s hard to know which is better.

Deciding on the Right Course of Action

You’ve heard it before, or maybe even read about it on this website — concrete is one of the most durable building materials in the world. So why are your concrete steps showing significant, dangerous signs of wear?

In many cases, concrete damage occurs because of outside influences. In specific regard to concrete staircases, the underlying ground may have shifted. Some soil may have been washed away due to heavy rain or melting snow. This easily can lead to sinking and cracking of the concrete, since the foundation has dissolved.

Think About the Total Cost of Replacement

You might have a certain view of concrete in your mind. “It’s affordable — I’ll just have a new set of stairs poured!”

This option definitely should be on your list of possibilities, and concrete is absolutely a low-priced building material, but don’t forget to consider all of the other costs involved with a complete replacement.

You have to pay for an excavator to come and demolish your current set of concrete steps. Once the debris is lugged away, you’ll have to pay for a contractor to solidify the base for your new stairs.

When the steps are finally poured, they’ll have to cure for days, weeks or even months. And once the contractors clear out, you’ll probably have to remedy any damage to your surrounding landscape.

In short, it’s not only cost you have to think about when considering a complete replacement project, you have to think about the time it will take as well.

Benefits of Slabjacking Repair

Thankfully, you have convenient and affordable alternatives for sunken, cracked or crumbling concrete steps. You don’t have to wait until the ground thaws in the spring. You don’t have to stay off the stairs once the repair is complete — you can start walking on them just a few hours later.

This is how it works: Your concrete repair contractor’s team drills small holes into the sunken areas. They inject a grout-like substance beneath the stairs that lifts the entire structure back to its original position. Then all the cracks are filled, and the steps are sealed and refinished.

This process takes a matter of hours versus days, making it a less expensive choice. You’re also eliminating needless waste and getting more use out of your original concrete steps — a definite plus for the environment.

Talk to the team at Lift-Up Concrete and see why repairing concrete steps through the slabjacking method could be the solution you’re looking for to restore your home’s curb appeal and safety.