The Importance of Maintaining Commercial Concrete

Commercial Concrete

Maintaining commercial concrete at a business property is essential for insurance purposes, aesthetic appeal and investment preservation. Whether you repair and taking care of commercial concrete on your own or hire a professional, ensure the concrete surfaces on your property stay smooth, clean and bright to save frustration and money over the long term.

Reduce Risk of Injury Claims

The primary reason for business owners to take top-notch care of their commercial concrete surfaces is to minimize the risk of injury to customers. Concrete is a common building material for stairs, walkways and parking lots. If it is chipped, cracked or sunken, one misstep can result in a serious injury to a client. Even though most business owners’ insurance policies cover injuries to customers that occur on the property, proven negligence on the part of the property owner may result in a higher settlement for the claims filer and subsequent higher insurance rates levied on the business owner. The insurance company may even drop the property owner’s policy if too many claims are filed in a certain period of time.

Brighten Property Appearance

Cracked and crumbling pathways give customers a negative first impression. If the business cannot keep up with basic exterior repairs, will the interior look similar? On the other hand, a well-cared for business front assures customers the owner pays attention to the most meticulous details. Repairing and renovating broken, dull or stained commercial concrete is an immediate facelift for any commercial property.

Eliminate the Need for Concrete Replacement

Concrete is designed to last for years on end, but ground shifting, accidents and natural disasters can wear on the material over time. This material is cost-effective and affordable, which is why it is used in the first place, but ripping up old concrete and pouring new structures is an added expense most business owners can do without. It is less expensive to maintain current surfaces than it is to remove and pour new stairs, parking lots and walkways.

Should You Hire a Professional?

Basic maintenance of commercial concrete involves regular power washing and surface and crack sealing. While these two tasks can be completed by the property owner without professional assistance, time constraints or other issues may warrant the services of a concrete repair company. If your concrete levels are significantly different, professional concrete lifting may be necessary to make the surfaces even once again. Whether you attempt to follow a maintenance schedule on your own or turn to a repair organization, regularly examine each surface on your property to ensure problems are addressed before they escalate.

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