Landscaping with Concrete: Get Ready for Spring

Landscaping With Concrete

Out of all building materials, concrete is a great one for landscaping.

It is commonly thought of as a paving material, but it can be used for so much more. You know this – maybe you constructed a gorgeous stamped concrete pathway to up your home’s front entrance, or maybe you used concrete to build a functional yet ornamental water feature.

But now, your decorative concrete walkway or fountain has taken the brunt of winter’s brutal weather, and you need to update your property’s look for spring. It’s time to hire a professional concrete lifting team to restore your concrete and increase the curb appeal of your landscaping.

Why Concrete?

There’s a reason concrete is so widely used: It’s durable. You can expect it to last for years, and little maintenance is required. It can withstand bad weather and lots of foot traffic.

Concrete is also versatile. You can incorporate your personalized style by stamping, dyeing or staining it to fit a specific color scheme.

It’s easy to wash, so you can keep dirt and grime from building up. All you have to do is seal it once every few years and it will retain a like-new appearance.

Also, it’s affordable, especially when compared to brick and stone building materials. Landscaping with concrete will still get you the desired results, but you’ll stay within your budget.

You knew all this, and that’s why you invested in a concrete patio or pool deck to improve your home’s landscaping. But what happens when shifting and settling leave you with a crumbling, cracking, sinking concrete structure?

What Should You Do When Your Concrete is Sinking?

No matter what type of concrete you use, you always have the risk that you’ll run into problems as the building material settles over time. When the contractor initially installed the concrete, whether they built you a fire pit or a walkway, they probably made sure to integrate control joints but even this precaution isn’t always enough.

Concrete can become an eyesore when the air pockets in the soil beneath the slab evaporate. Since the foundation is gone, concrete structures can shift and sink, leaving you with an uneven surface that is not only unattractive but is also unsafe.

Even though it may seem counterintuitive, you don’t have to rip it all up and start over. Your concrete can be fixed, especially with modern techniques like slabjacking.

If your walkway, staircase or driveway is cracked and/or crumbling, consider hiring a contractor to inject grout beneath the surface to raise the structure and level it. Then finish it with a decorative, attractive seal.

Hire a Professional Team

Lift-Up Concrete is the team you should rely on for concrete repairs in your efforts to increase your yard’s curb appeal this spring season. Don’t give up on your patio, walkway or staircase. Landscaping with concrete was the right move, now Lift-Up Concrete can help you improve and restore your home’s outdoor aesthetics this spring.