Is Lifting Settled Concrete the Better Option?

What is settled concrete? It’s concrete that’s cracked and crumbling. If you’re conscientious about your property, then you like to keep every area looking good and functioning the way it should.

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So how do you fix settled concrete?

What Causes Settled Concrete?

Why do you have this issue in the first place? Here are three common reasons:

  1. Soil Washout

Flooding, leaks and poor drainage — all of these problems will turn into larger issues if they aren’t addressed. Mainly, they will wash out the soil that’s keeping your concrete structures supported, and then the slab will settle.

2. Inadequately Compacted Soil

It’s nearly impossible to eradicate all air particles in the underlying fill soil beneath a concrete structure, but the original installation contractor has to try. Otherwise, as the air dissipates, settled concrete becomes an issue.

3. Dry Soil and Shrinkage

If you live in a dry climate with long periods of drought, your soil’s moisture content could drop significantly. You don’t have much control over this, but it can be a cause of settled concrete, especially in certain areas of the country.

What Can You Do?

Even if it’s not causing any problems outside of being an eyesore, you need to even out and repair your settled concrete.

There are two main ways of handling this:

  1. Rip it Up and Start Again

You could hire an excavator to come in and tear out the structure. Then you’ll need fill soil, someone to compact it and a whole new patio, driveway or stairway.

After it’s installed, you will have to wait a until the structure is ready to be used again. And don’t forget about the damage this project can do to your landscaping, which is another expense.

2. Use Slabjacking for Repairs

Or, you could hire a repair contractor to use the straightforward method of slabjacking to raise and stabilize your structure within a day, repairing damage and ensuring against future sinking.

Not only is this the more affordable option, it also takes much less time, and your concrete can be used the same day.

How Can Lift-Up Concrete Help You?

In order to make the best decision for you, you need all the facts. That starts with getting two quotes: one for concrete replacement, and one for repair.

At Lift-Up Concrete, every customer is provided with a detailed quote that outlines our repair approach for your problem. We can also give you a general idea of how our price compares to a concrete replacement.

Ultimately, our repairs are designed to last. We don’t provide a temporary fix — we offer a permanent, affordable solution for settled concrete. Call today and set up an appointment to get a free quote.