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Mudjacking or Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting: Which Is Better?

In Ogden and the surrounding northern Utah area, mudjacking and polyurethane foam concrete lifting are the most widely used concrete repair methods. Both can be effective for residential and commercial applications, but which is the better choice?

The answer depends on who you ask. According to contractors who offer polyurethane foam concrete lifting, otherwise known as polyjacking, that method is superior to mudjacking. In our view, the opposite is true – and after reading about how the two techniques differ, you’ll likely agree.


Concrete lifting by means of mudjacking or by polyjacking can provide long-lasting results, but our experienced professional contractors have a few concerns about the latter option.

First, the mud-like slurry used in mudjacking has no harmful additives – it typically contains Portland cement, pulverized limestone, shale and other organic materials. In comparison, the polyjacking method of concrete repair relies on polyurethane foam, which contains flammable chemicals and synthetic materials that can be hazardous to the environment.

Another concern we have with polyjacking involves control over the concrete lifting process. After the polyurethane foam is injected into the soil, it continues to expand, making it difficult to lift the slab to the proper position. At the same time, the material sets more quickly than the slurry used in mudjacking, and it can harden before the soil voids are properly filled.


When completed by experienced professional concrete repair contractors, mudjacking and polyjacking both offer attractive results. Either can effectively restore a settled or sunken slab back to its original stable and level position.

The polyjacking method of concrete repair requires the drilling of several small holes, each roughly 5/8 inches in diameter, to inject the polyurethane foam into the soil voids under the affected slab. The mudjacking process is similar, as holes are drilled through the concrete for the purpose of filling the voids with the mud-like slurry mixture. However, the holes required for mudjacking are larger, measuring about 1 ½ inches.

Needless to say, polyjacking is less invasive than mudjacking – but after caulk is applied to the drilled holes and any concrete cracks, there’s not much of a difference. Little evidence of the repair work can be seen with either method, particularly from afar. So, when it comes to appearance, mudjacking and polyjacking are much the same.


According to, a trusted online home service marketplace, the average cost of repairing a settled or sunken slab through mudjacking is $1,210. Small-scale projects may only run $300 or so, while large or complex concrete repair jobs might be somewhere near $2,200. In most cases, the price for mudjacking falls between $638 and $1,783.

How does polyjacking compare? With this method, concrete repair is quite a bit more expensive – the polyurethane foam material costs about four to five times as much as the slurry mixture used in the mudjacking process. So, any Ogden homeowner or business owner who goes with polyjacking instead of mudjacking can expect to pay hundreds of dollars more for the repair work.

Budgeting a larger amount of money would make sense if polyurethane foam concrete lifting offered a better solution for a sunken or settled slab. In our opinion, it doesn’t, as the expansion of the foam is unpredictable and the material comes with environmental and safety concerns. Mudjacking is more affordable, and the method works. Really, there’s no good reason to pay more for concrete repair.

Hire an Experienced Professional Concrete Repair Contractor

Ultimately, whether you decide to go with mudjacking or polyjacking for a settled or sunken concrete slab, getting estimates from at least a few local concrete repair companies is a good idea. Professional contractors have varying fees, of course, but if you base your decision on price alone, you may end up with buyer’s remorse.

Effectively raising and stabilizing a concrete slab requires knowledge and expertise, and if you hire someone who lacks sufficient training or experience, a repeat repair could become necessary in a couple of years. Consequently, the overall cost of mudjacking or polyurethane foam concrete lifting will be much greater than what the cost would have been with a highly qualified professional contractor.

Are you ready to restore the concrete at your home or business property in Ogden, Utah? Mudjacking may very well be the best solution – but to know for certain, schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with the team at Lift-Up Concrete.

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