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Mudjacking – A Low-Cost Utah Concrete Repair Method

So, you have a settled slab at your Ogden, Utah, home. You’ve looked into concrete repair, and mudjacking is the cheapest method – the price is far less than any other option.

But don’t you get what you pay for? If you go with mudjacking to minimize the cost of fixing your settled concrete, won’t you end up regretting the decision?

Absolutely not. While making a choice based on price might not be all that wise for some home improvement projects, that’s not the case for concrete repair. Mudjacking is a highly effective technique, one that’s been in use for decades – and it’s also the most affordable way to raise and stabilize a settled slab. Here’s why.

Mudjacking Doesn’t Require Costly Materials

Mudjacking restores settled concrete by means of a mud-like slurry mixture, typically made of Portland cement, pulverized limestone, water, sand and other organic materials. The air pockets in the soil under a slab are filled with this mixture, and pressure raises the concrete into position.

Since the slurry contains only natural materials, it’s rather inexpensive. And reputable concrete repair companies – like Lift-Up Concrete – pass the savings along by charging a minimal price for the mixture.

Mudjacking is a Quick and Easy Repair Method

For experienced concrete repair professionals, the process of raising and stabilizing a settled slab is routine – and it doesn’t take much time. Whether restoring a sunken sidewalk, uneven driveway, tilted patio or another concrete surface, contractors can usually get the job done in an hour or two.

Given that repairs are both fast and easy, labor charges for mudjacking projects tend to be on the low side. Unlike other solutions for settled concrete, the cost of labor isn’t much of a concern with mudjacking.

Mudjacking Isn’t a Short-Term Repair Solution

Mudjacking addresses the reason a slab has settled – the development of air pockets in the soil underneath. Over time, changes in the moisture level lead to shifting, and these voids are the result. After mudjacking, no more pockets of air remain, and the concrete is back to its original position.

The mud-like slurry mixture used in mudjacking is incredibly strong, durable enough to last for quite some time. Utah homeowners who make sure the concrete is caulked and sealed don’t need to pay for a repeat repair for at least 8 to 10 years.

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