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Concrete Lifting – An Affordable & Effective Fix for Settled Slabs

Concrete lifting, or mudjacking, is the least expensive fix for a settled slab at a residential property in Ogden, Utah. The price is far lower than other methods of concrete repair — but don’t you get what you pay for? If you go with mudjacking, will you come to regret that choice?

Not at all. While the cheapest way of solving a problem isn’t always the best route to take with most home improvement projects, that isn’t the case for concrete repair. As long as you have a reputable company like Lift-Up Concrete handle the work, concrete lifting can provide an affordable, high-quality fix for settled slabs. Here’s what homeowners in Ogden need to know.

Concrete Lifting is a Proven Repair Technique

In our experience, many people throughout northern Utah are unfamiliar with mudjacking – but the technique of concrete lifting isn’t new.

Developed back in the 1930’s, mudjacking was initially used to lift and stabilize concrete highways, airline runways, dams and roadways. Later on, contractors began to rely on mudjacking for small-scale commercial and residential projects. The repair method has a long history of success, and it’s been proven to work for just about any settled slab. For uneven sidewalks, slanted driveways, sunken porch steps, sagging patios, lopsided pool decks and tilted garage floors, mudjacking is a highly effective fix.

Concrete Lifting Offers Attractive Results

Settled slabs have a negative impact on curb appeal, but after mudjacking, damaged concrete no longer diminishes the charm of an Ogden residential property.

During the concrete lifting process, a few small holes are drilled in the affected slab. Once the concrete has been leveled and caulk has been applied, however, these holes are virtually invisible. The same is true of any cracks in the concrete, and with caulk that’s a close match in color to the original slab, the outcome is aesthetically pleasing. Many people find the results to be superior to what can be achieved with a tear-out and replacement project, as newly poured concrete is often rather conspicuous.

Concrete Lifting is the Greenest Repair Option

Mudjacking isn’t just an effective, low-cost repair technique that offers appealing results – it’s also the most eco-friendly solution for a settled slab.

The cement-based mixture used is comprised of completely natural ingredients like Portland cement and limestone aggregate. Not only does the slurry contain no synthetic fillers or chemicals, but professional contractors take care to ensure that none of the mudjacking material is wasted. Add in the fact that concrete lifting requires very little fossil fuel energy – just a single truck with a hydraulic pump and a powerful drill — and it’s easy to see why it’s the green approach.

The Many Benefits of Concrete Lifting

We’ve already mentioned that concrete lifting is the cheapest repair option, one that’s proven to work and provides aesthetically appealing results. We’ve also explained what makes mudjacking a sustainable repair solution. But, these aren’t the only reasons it’s often considered to be the best fix for a settled slab.

Why is concrete lifting the recommended approach? Ogden homeowners who go with mudjacking also enjoy the following advantages:

  • Value – Filling the air pockets in the soil under a slab with the cement-based mudjacking mixture addresses the cause of the problem and makes the concrete more stable and secure. The slab tear-out and replacement process doesn’t, and opting for that sort of fix means settlement is likely to reoccur.
  • Longevity – Since mudjacking works to fill the empty spaces in the underlying soil, the results are long-lasting. In Ogden, Utah, most settled slabs that are lifted and stabilized through concrete lifting remain anchored in position for at least 8 to 10 years. The same can’t be said of slab replacement.
  • Time – In most cases, mudjacking projects can be completed within just a couple of hours. Afterwards, the slab is ready for light use immediately, and heavy weight by the next morning. Slab replacement can take weeks to complete, and with curing needed, the surface may be unusable for a month or more.

What’s more, mudjacking isn’t a messy project. Once complete, the nearby landscaping looks the same – there’s no damage from the truck or the machinery. In contrast, the demolition work involved in a slab tear-out and replacement project can really wreak havoc on the landscape. We don’t think any Ogden homeowner wants that problem when the work crew leaves.

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