mudjacking Ogden, Utah

Mudjacking Solves Common Concrete Problems in Ogden, Utah

Do you have an issue with the concrete at your home or business property?

In Ogden, Utah, mudjacking is often the ideal solution, being both more effective and less costly than tearing out and replacing a slab. Yet many people put up with concrete problems, not knowing that such a quick, convenient and practical repair option even exists.

Don’t let that be you. Failing to take action could lead to more significant damage and a much higher concrete repair bill, and no one wants that outcome. At Lift-Up Concrete, we know what works as far as concrete problems are concerned, and most of the issues we see at Ogden properties – including all of the following — can be easily remedied through mudjacking.

Mudjacking Works for Concrete Trip Hazards

When one concrete slab has an edge that sticks up above the neighboring slab, you’ve got a trip hazard. That raised bit of pavement is a major safety concern, and if someone happens to fall and suffer a serious injury, you could be held financially liable.

Mudjacking can solve this problem, as the concrete repair method can lift a tilted or uneven slab back to a level position. Once mudjacking has been completed, the safety hazard at your Ogden property will be gone.

Mudjacking Works for Sinking Concrete Steps

Not only are the sunken steps at the entryway of your home or business an eyesore, but they also pose a threat to everyone who visits. If someone doesn’t notice that the steps are uneven, they might get badly hurt – and again, you could be held liable.

Sinking steps can easily be returned to their former position with mudjacking. By filling the void or air pockets within the soil underneath, a professional concrete repair contractor can make your steps safe.

Mudjacking Works for Water Drainage Problems

Cracked and settled concrete can create drainage issues around your Ogden home or business property. Rain and melting snow can flow the wrong way, leaving pools of water – and if not addressed, this sort of problem can result in foundation damage.

Contact a professional concrete repair contractor, and you can avoid this situation. Mudjacking is a cost-effective technique that can quickly level your cracked and settled slab, ensuring that water flows in the right direction.

Mudjacking Works for Unstable Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs often buckle, crack or become uneven as a result of settling and shifting in the soil underneath. Over time, as air pockets open up beneath a slab, the lack of support weakens the concrete, making it less secure and more of a safety hazard.

With mudjacking, the stability and integrity of a damaged slab can be quickly and easily restored. After a professional concrete repair contractor fills the voids in the soil, your once-unstable slab will be firmly fixed in place.

Mudjacking Works for Burrowing Animals

If mice, voles, moles, rats or other critters are making a home under the concrete at your Ogden property, they’re likely to cause significant damage. As burrowing animals excavate the soil, the integrity of the slab may suffer – and it could buckle or collapse.

While the mudjacking method of concrete repair won’t replace the soil that’s been eroded away, it can help with your pest problem. After the soil voids are filled with a cement-based mudjacking slurry, the area will be less hospitable to animals.

Mudjacking Works for Leaning Stanchions

Changes in the soil can cause fence posts, mailboxes, lamp poles and other similar structures to sit at a slant or fall over. Because stanchions like these are secured into the ground with concrete, soil instabilities can make them shift from the proper position.

Professional concrete repair contractors in Ogden, Utah, often get called on to fix leaning posts and poles. By pumping the mudjacking mixture into the soil at strategic locations around your stanchions, we can get them in place.

Mudjacking Works for Aesthetic Concerns

Safety concerns aside, slabs that are cracked, settled and sunken just don’t look good. And while you might not care about the look of the slabs at your Ogden home or business property right now, your opinion may very well change at some point.

In the event you decide to sell, potential buyers may walk away, seeing the damage as a sign of foundation problems. Get mudjacking before it reaches that point, and the aesthetics of your concrete can be restored for an affordable price.

Does Your Ogden Property Have Concrete Problems?

Do you have any of the issues listed above around your Ogden home or business property? The professional team at Lift-Up Concrete has been completing mudjacking projects in the region for many years, and as a local leader in the concrete repair industry, you can count on us to provide masterful workmanship and superior customer care for a reasonable cost.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we offer free, no-obligation mudjacking consultations to homeowners and business owners in Ogden, the greater Salt Lake City area, along the Wasatch Front and throughout northern Utah. If you’d like to discuss mudjacking with a friendly and knowledgeable professional concrete repair contractor, contact our office today.