Negative Effects of Concrete Settling on Your Porch or Patio

Concrete Settling

Typical concrete settling or unexpected ground shifting can ruin the looks of your porch or patio. Crumbling, sinking and cracking slabs also can pose a safety hazard to those who walk on them.

What Causes Settling?

Concrete settles for many reasons. Sometimes the situation could have been prevented by proper installation, while other times settling is the result of uncontrollable weather patterns.

For instance, contractors who do subpar work might not adequately tamp down the underlayment before installation. Concrete needs a firm, solid foundation, or else air and moisture will leak out and evaporate, creating a chasm between the structure and its foundation.

This ― you guessed it ― leads to concrete settling.

In other situations, a sudden influx of water, such as from flooding or major snowmelt, can wash away soil from beneath concrete’s surface, reducing the support system significantly. An inadequate building drainage system can contribute to this problem.

Which Repairs Work?

When your concrete porch or patio settles, or just one portion of the structure settles, you could see many different types of damage. For example, shifting concrete stairs could begin to pull away, leaving a gap between the them and the porch. This is a unsightly, but if the stairs lead directly to your home, the gap can expose the door frame and siding to moisture penetration, which could lead to premature rotting.

Tearing up a concrete set of stairs, porch or patio is no easy task. Making a repair is a much simpler, more affordable and more realistic route, especially if you use the slab often.

Repair contractors can drill a small hole into the affected section and inject a type of grout that will raise the structure back to its original position ― this is called slabjacking.

Once complete, the grout that was injected beneath the structure hardens and establishes a new foundation that will limit future concrete settling. It’s a popular repair for damaged concrete porches and patios because it is a low-cost option that allows you to begin using the surface again within a few hours.

Get a Professional Assessment Today

Acting now will prevent any damage from getting worse. Talk to a professional repair contractor who can make an accurate diagnosis and address the problem appropriately.

In many cases, this means slabjacking your concrete patio or porch so that the sinking stops and the cracks can be sealed.

For top-notch work that will stop the concrete on your porch or patio from settling and restore it to its previous smooth, even appearance, contact Lift-Up Concrete.