Do You Need a Permit for Concrete Driveway Repair?

Concrete Driveway Repair

You need concrete driveway repair, but do you know nearly every update to your home and property requires some time of building permit from your town? Does this also apply to concrete driveway repair? What happens if you end up needing to completely re-pour the concrete driveway?

Pouring vs. Repairing

If you are planning on ripping up your driveway, reinstalling it and perhaps widening it while you’re at it, you will most likely need a building permit. The good news is that if it’s in mostly good condition, you can probably get by with repair versus a complete replacement, and in many cases you will not even need to notify the town.

Building Code Is in Place to Protect You

Towns maintain building codes for many good reasons, but the central motivation is to protect residents. When contractors are required to adhere to standards that govern workmanship and material quality, you are less likely to end up with a subpar product. After all, an official from the town will inspect their work upon completion.

When it comes to concrete, building code dictates that the water used to mix concrete is clean. Contractors must use the proper mix of aggregate as well, and they must create joints in the slab to minimize the occurrence of damaging cracks. Overall, building code ensures your driveway installation contractor strives for excellence.

When Are Permits Needed?

Even though concrete driveway repair isn’t a job that necessarily requires a work permit to complete, in some cases it may be needed. For example, if the project involves changes that would alter the sidewalk, curb, gutter or driveway approach, the appropriate town department may need to approve plans, and you may need a permit before work begins.

Call Your Town to Verify

Whenever you’re in doubt, it doesn’t take much time to call your town’s building department and ask specific questions. The officials can let you know if your project requires permit approval. It’s better to err on the side of caution, as you may be hit with significant financial penalties if you don’t comply.

Find a Dependable Repair Contractor

When your driveway is cracked, crumbling, sinking or heaving, you can get fast, affordable solutions from Lift-Up Concrete. You don’t have to pay for a complete replacement, which would involve extensive demolition, not to mention time spent on obtaining permits.

Trust Utah’s dependable concrete driveway repair professionals and contact our team for a free assessment and quote today.