Does Your Pool Deck Need Concrete Lifting?

Pool Deck Concrete Lifting

Concrete lifting works for countless surfaces, including your pool deck.

You will fully enjoy swimming and sunbathing in your pool area if you can eliminate the unsightly damage that comes with sinking concrete. How did your pool deck even get cracked?

Causes of Pool Deck Problems

A sturdy concrete pool deck must be poured correctly, or a whole host of problems can result. If the soil was not properly impacted before installation, air pockets underneath will give way over time. Eventually, the surface begins to sink due to the voids underneath.

Extreme weather conditions like the winters in Utah also can contribute to problems with many different concrete structures. The freeze/thaw cycle can take a toll on the concrete, weakening its structure.

If animals burrow beneath the surface of the deck, soil displacement can affect the concrete’s foundation.

Finally, soil erosion caused by an inadequate or misdirected drainage system can be a central cause of damage to your concrete pool area.

What’s the Damage?

The extent and the type of damage your concrete pool deck has suffered can give you clues as to why it happened and also tell you whether concrete lifting is the right repair solution.

If the surface has cracked and one side of the slab is sinking, lifting can re-stabilize the slab so the surface is even once again. This removes the trip hazard from your pool area, making it safe for kids and adults alike.

Maybe a crack hasn’t appeared, but you’re starting to see the space between the sections of slab widen. This is another indication of soil erosion or air pocket collapse, signaling that concrete lifting may be the best restoration option.

How Does Concrete Lifting Work?

It’s simple: Professionals drill small holes in the affected concrete. Using special tools, a high-quality grout is injected beneath the surface. The grout takes the place of the displaced soil, providing a permanent, stable foundation for your pool deck.

Is Repair Better Than Replacement?

Maybe you think the damage is so bad that only tearing out the concrete and re-pouring it will solve the issue. In most cases, this isn’t true; concrete lifting is more economical than complete replacement. Replacing the concrete involves a significant amount of time, much more money, and you may run into the same issues all over again in the future.

When you let a lifting specialist make the repair, the project is completed in a few hours, and you can use your pool deck again right away. You pay much less for the service and you don’t have to worry about your pool area becoming a construction zone, potentially causing damage to your pool lining and ruining your landscaping.

You can depend on Lift-Up Concrete for expert, efficient pool deck repair. Concrete lifting is the smart solution — call today for a free estimate.