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How Commercial Concrete Lifting Can Reduce Your Liability Risk

Is the concrete at your Orem business premises in poor condition? If so, you should contact a local commercial concrete lifting contractor soon.

Cracked, settled and sunken slabs are definite eyesores, making your property look rundown. More important, though, is that this sort of damage creates a safety concern for everyone frequenting your business. And if you don’t resolve the matter, you could wind up in court. Read on to learn more.

What are the Risks Associated with Concrete Damage?

Consider the concrete surfaces at your Orem business and how they’re used, and you can understand how damaged slabs might be trip hazards. Repairs are needed when a commercial property has:

  • Uneven driveways
  • Cracks in the parking lot
  • Slanted sidewalks
  • Lopsided steps
  • Settled shipping areas

These situations, among others, raise safety concerns. If someone visiting your property doesn’t tread carefully, they might trip and fall. In the winter, the risk is even greater – with damaged concrete, there can be hidden spots where water pools, and icy patches can remain unseen under the snow.

What is Your Potential Liability for Damaged Concrete?

Let’s say you hold off on calling an Orem concrete lifting contractor, but then the worst happens — someone takes a tumble while at your business property. What is your potential liability here?

As the owner of a commercial business, maintaining the safety of the premises is your responsibility. If a visitor falls and suffers an injury because the place isn’t safe, you could be sued.

Should the court find you to be negligent, the injured person’s medical bills will be yours to pay. Furthermore, you may also be liable for lost income, loss of earning capacity, pain and suffering, future medical care and other damages related to the injury. All things considered, you may end up shelling out much more money than you would have for commercial concrete lifting.

Can Concrete Lifting Work to Make Your Property Safer?

Chances are, the safety concern at your Orem business property can be resolved through commercial concrete lifting. The repair method – which restores the integrity of a slab by stabilizing the soil underneath — works for most damaged concrete surfaces, including driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and steps.

Concrete lifting is both highly effective and quite affordable, with a far lower cost than that of other repair options. But while we’d like to say it’s the right choice for every cracked, settled or sunken slab, that isn’t the case. When concrete is crumbling, crushed or riddled with cracks, it typically needs to be replaced.

Lift-Up Concrete, a leading local professional contractor, offers free, no-obligation consultations to homeowners and business owners in Orem and the surrounding northern Utah area. For expert advice on commercial concrete lifting to reduce your liability risk, contact our office today.