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Concrete Lifting Can Abolish Trip Hazards at Salt Lake City Homes

While concrete-related trip hazards are often more of a concern with commercial properties in Salt Lake City, Utah, homeowners can benefit from concrete lifting, too – and getting the work done provides more than an aesthetic boost.

How so? Well, if you own a residential property and you know there’s an area in need concrete repair, you may be held financially liable if someone falls and injures themselves. The same might be true if a trip hazard exists that you, as the homeowner, should have discovered. Concrete lifting can help you avoid these potential liability concerns. Here are the most common concrete-related issues that you may need to address to protect your interests and keep your Salt Lake City property safe.

Cracked Driveways

Typically one of the largest slabs on a residential property, the driveway handles a great deal of weight and pressure on a regular basis. Over time, as the soil underneath expands, contracts and shifts in response to the moisture level, driveways can develop cracks. Depending on the exact location, these cracks can serve as trip hazards, but a professional concrete repair contractor can eliminate the problem.

Sinking Sidewalks

Damaged and deteriorated sidewalks are another liability concern. While the local public services department handles sidewalk repair in some parts of northern Utah, that isn’t the case here – in Salt Lake City, the adjacent property owner is responsible. When the sidewalks near a home sink and become trip hazards, concrete lifting is a solution – but for those who take advantage of the 50/50 concrete program, the City shares the cost.

Uneven Steps & Porches

Many Salt Lake City homes have steps leading up to the front and/or back doors, and porches are common features of residential properties. These slabs are usually put in place late in the building process or during renovations, and being separate sections of concrete, they’re more susceptible to sinking than foundational slabs. Fortunately, concrete lifting can eliminate hazards and lower the liability risk.

Settled Pool Decks

For homeowners who have in-ground swimming pools, slab settlement can pose a significant danger. If the soil surrounding the pool area wasn’t properly compacted, or if there’s another issue – like improper ground slope, frost heave or water infiltration – the pool could lose its structural integrity. When a pool deck starts to sink and settle, prompt concrete lifting can make the swimming area safe for everyone to enjoy.

Do you have any concrete-related trip hazards? If your home is in Salt Lake City or the surrounding northern Utah area, Lift-Up Concrete is the company to call. Our team has the experience and skill to address liability concerns, and with us, repairing a damaged slab is affordable.

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