5 Reasons Not to Ignore Uneven Concrete

Uneven concrete is an eyesore and a trip hazard, but it doesn’t have to be permanent.

You might have been able to ignore your uneven concrete up until now by writing it off as regular wear and tear, an issue that’s bound to happen over time to any concrete slab. While sinking concrete is definitely an issue many homeowners deal with, it’s not something you have to accept as normal.

Uneven concrete

Why repair your uneven concrete?

1. It’s Causing Injuries

You have to warn everyone who comes up your walkway to be careful. More than a couple of your visitors have possibly tripped and fallen.

Not only is uneven concrete the source of injures, but it also puts you at risk. You’re liable for all injuries that happen on your property, and the cost of your liability may increase if it can be proven you could have taken action to prevent the injury from occurring.

It’s time to address that trip hazard before anyone else is affected.

2. It Looks Terrible

Evening out your concrete surfaces is one of the primary ways to boost your home’s curb appeal. Cracked and sinking slabs look horrible and bring your home’s value down. They also make space for weeds to sprout from the soil beneath. You can repair your concrete so it is no longer an eyesore!

3. It’s Getting Worse

Chances are, the cracks and sinking have only gotten worse since you first noticed the damage. Putting off repair for uneven concrete will only make the issue harder to correct.

4. It’s Causing Water Drainage Issues

Are you starting to notice water pooling on your uneven garage floor? Is your damaged concrete directing water toward your home’s foundation? Water drainage issues are real, and they’re commonly caused by settling or heaving concrete. It’s time to get a fix!

5. It Can Lead to Structural Issues

If your structures are dependent on solid concrete for stability, uneven slabs can cause more serious problems than you may imagine. Your porch’s structural integrity could be compromised or your home’s foundation could be affected. It’s one of those problems that must be repaired right away, because the consequences of ignoring the issues only multiply as time passes.

Can concrete lifting be the answer? Uneven concrete doesn’t stand a chance when Lift-Up Concrete is on the job. Call us today and we’ll determine the best repair method to make sure it doesn’t happen again.