Common Concrete Problems

The Most Common Concrete Problems

Common concrete problems affect lots of homeowners, but it doesn’t mean you have to live with subpar concrete. It’s possible to fix it — that’s the good news. But before you think about remedies, it’s important to identify the problems.

Uneven, Tilting Slabs

When a void forms underneath a slab, possibly due to soil erosion or settlement, it creates an unstable environment. There is no longer a reliable foundation for the surface, and as a result, you might notice large areas of your driveway, walkway, patio or sidewalk starting to sink.

This creates an uneven, hazardous area, and the tilting gradually gets worse. Unless you find a way to restore the stability, the problem will only continue to grow.

Sinking Staircases

The same problem can affect your concrete steps, only in this case it’s even more dangerous. You can’t have your guests walking up and down slanted, pitched steps. That is a recipe for disaster in the form of a trip-and-fall accident, and you could be held liable for the injury.

Crumbling, Cracked Surfaces

Sometimes tree roots grow beneath slabs and displace the concrete, creating cracks which begin to crumble at the edges.

Perhaps during the initial installation not enough control joints were placed to minimize major cracking. Freeze/thaw-cycle damage could also cause this issue, which occurs when the concrete absorbs water, then refreezes and expands, putting stress on the material.

Scaling, Spalling or Crazing

Is your slab starting to flake and chip? This is known as scaling or spalling and is typically caused by freeze/thaw damage, improper curing or incomplete finishing. Luckily, this issue can be fixed by simply refinishing the surface — it doesn’t pose much of a structural threat. It’s simply an aesthetic issue.

Tiny cracks on the surface of the slab are referred to as crazing. These microscopic cracks don’t extend into the slab, so they aren’t cause for concern.

What Does Concrete Lifting Fix?

You don’t have to settle, and neither does your concrete! Lift-Up Concrete can help. We can quickly fix common concrete problems, such as the major trip hazard your sinking concrete walkway is causing.

Concrete lifting can stabilize and level countless concrete structures — basically anything that’s made of concrete and sinking! Let us offer cost-effective solutions to your common concrete problems. We start by giving you a free quote, so call today!