concrete stair leveling

Do You Need Concrete Stair Leveling?

Concrete stair leveling fixes uneven, cracked and crumbling stairs. You don’t have to tear out the structure and you don’t have to depend on a superficial patch job. You can get an affordable, long-lasting solution that resolves the root cause of the problem.

Signs to Watch For

Watch out for a few key problems that signal you need concrete stair leveling. First, if you go outside after a rainstorm and you see water pooling on the steps where it didn’t before, it’s a sign that the step is now tilted due to shifting.

You may also notice cracks. Horizontal cracks commonly show up on the underside of each step when the structure begins to sink and pull away from its previous stable position.

Why Is it a Problem?

What’s the harm in having the occasional pool of water and a few minor cracks in your concrete stairs?

It’s more serious than you might think.

Issues with your staircases are never just superficial. Stairs must be stable for your safety, and for the safety of your family and any guests on your property. Even if your safety wasn’t a concern, building code dictates that the problem be repaired. In the interim, the damage will only progress, and the risk of injury and noncompliance with the law only grows as well.

Why Patching Doesn’t Always Solve the Problem

You may think you can go to the home improvement store, buy some concrete and simply patch up the crack, or even out the tilted step. But that’s not going to fix the problem.

Unless you restabilize the entire structure through concrete stair leveling, then the soil shrinkage, erosion or whatever is causing the stairs to pull apart, will only continue to get worse. Putting a quick fix in place is simply a waste of time, energy and resources.

How it Works

With concrete stair leveling, you need precision. Stair height must be correct, or else you’ll still have a safety issue.

When the technicians drill small holes in the surface, inject the concrete-like grout beneath and raise the sinking portion, they ensure you’ll have a firm foundation to walk on for years to come.

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