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Why Hire a Professional for Concrete Lifting in Utah?

So, you have a cracked or settled slab at your Ogden home or business property. The process of concrete lifting seems simple enough to you, and given the many videos and tutorials available online, you’re pretty sure you can figure out how to get the job done yourself. Right?

Well, you wouldn’t be the first northern Utah homeowner to take the do-it-yourself approach to concrete repair. But, we’re willing to bet that you’ll be among the many who wish they had left the project to a professional instead.

Concrete lifting isn’t as easy as it looks – and the majority of people who attempt to handle the work themselves don’t end up all that pleased with the results. If you think you’ll be the exception to the rule, consider the following.

Do You Have the Right Equipment for Concrete Lifting?

You might have a well-stocked tool shed, but the likelihood of you possessing all of the equipment and supplies required to lift and stabilize a settled slab is quite low.

Concrete lifting contractors use specialized tools, including a high-powered concrete drill and a hydraulic pump, in the course of their work. Professionals also have access to a premium cement-based slurry that makes for an exceptional stabilizing material, one that effectively restores a slab’s structural integrity.

Getting this equipment could cost more than paying a professional contractor to handle the concrete repair, and if you do the job correctly, you may never need to use any of it again. Conversely, if you attempt concrete lifting without the right tools, you could end up causing more damage to the slab – and you might even create a weak point in the slab structure, one that can’t be remedied with a simple repair.

Do You Understand How to Eliminate Soil Voids?

You could own all of the equipment listed above — or you might be able to borrow what you’re missing from a friend — but you probably don’t have concrete lifting expertise.

Soil voids, or empty spaces under a slab, aren’t visible. To find the areas that need to be filled, professional concrete lifting contractors rely on ground penetrating radar (GPR). Entry-level GPR systems can cost thousands of dollars, so unless you’re lucky enough to know someone who owns a radar system, you won’t have this type of device.

Without a GPR survey of the repair area, you’ll have to guess where to drill the holes required for concrete lifting. You’ll be guessing how many holes to drill, too, and being that you’re not all that familiar with this type of repair project, you won’t really know how much grout is needed to lift and stabilize your cracked or settled slab. Make the wrong decisions, and your work could create additional damage.

Do You Want Evidence of the Repair to Be Noticeable?

You might be confident in your ability to drill holes in the right places and you might be able to pump the cement slurry into the soil voids, but your lack of experience will show.

One of the greatest advantages of hiring a professional concrete lifting contractor is the quality of their work. When your project is complete, the slab will be back in its original position, and any evidence of the previous damage won’t be easy to spot. Plus, given their expertise, you can rest easy in knowing that the results will stand the test of time.

Without training, knowledge, skill and experience in concrete lifting, achieving all of this is next to impossible. Take the DIY approach, and you can expect rather rough-looking results – anyone who visits your Ogden home or business will know you didn’t have a professional complete the work. And while this may not be a concern for you at the moment, it could become a problem if you decide to sell the property.

Talk to a Professional Concrete Lifting Contractor Today

Have we convinced you to leave concrete repair to the professionals? In any case, it certainly wouldn’t be a bad idea to get an expert assessment and project estimate from a reputable local concrete lifting contractor.

Many people think that fixing a cracked or settled slab themselves would be cheaper than having a professional handle the task, but the opposite is often true. And when you consider the time investment, the DIY route really doesn’t add up – the work could take you several hours or even all weekend depending on the scope of your project, but if you hire a professional, your slab will be lifted and stabilized in far less time.

For fast, affordable and effective concrete lifting, Lift-Up Concrete is the company to trust. We have extensive experience in residential and commercial concrete repair, and our professional team can provide you with high-quality, long-lasting results. To schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and estimate for concrete lifting at your Ogden home or business property, contact us today.