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How Do Concrete Lifting Contractors Find Voids Under Concrete?

Concrete lifting contractors fix broken, sinking slabs — but how do they do it? It starts with identifying the underlying cause (literally): voids.

A void under a slab of concrete undermines its support and threatens its longevity. With nothing beneath to support its weight, the slab will gradually sink. Is it possible to fix this type of damage? With experienced concrete lifting contractors on the job, the answer is yes.

The Source of the Problem

A void is what causes concrete to sink, but what causes the void? There was no void when the slab was poured, right?

Over time, soil settlement, erosion or both can contribute to a loss of stability beneath a slab. No matter how well the soil was compacted before the concrete was poured, air escapes over time and the concrete’s foundation gradually sinks. Sometimes this settlement can alter water drainage patterns and make erosion an issue. Also, sometimes erosion is a problem all on its own.

If it’s just settlement that’s causing the void, usually concrete lifting can fix the problem. But if water drainage patterns are causing erosion to get worse, it’s best to resolve this concern first, then use concrete lifting to stabilize the slab.

How it’s Discovered

How do concrete lifting contractors detect voids? Well, it’s easy to tell there’s a void if the concrete is sinking. But to be able to tell how large that void is, we use a technology called ground-penetrating radar. Using radio waves, the device provides a reading that shows the scope of the void so the repair professional can estimate how much material will be required to fill and fix it.

The Solution: Concrete Lifting

Using strong, stabilizing grout, we drill holes in the slab surface, then inject the amount necessary to adequately fill the void, lift the slab and stabilize the base. It’s an ingenious tactic that can prevent you from having to tear out your concrete and start over.

We’ll Level with You

It’s not always easy diagnosing and executing repairs, especially when there is significant damage, but Lift-Up Concrete is always up for the challenge. As the dependable choice among Utah’s concrete lifting contractors, we always offer transparent quotes and clear explanations for what we can do and what you should expect from the finished product. Get in touch with us today to learn more — we’re happy to help restore your concrete surfaces.