Concrete Driveway Oil Stain

Removing Concrete Driveway Oil Stains: Is it Possible?

Concrete driveway oil stains might not bother you on someone else’s property, but when they’re on yours, you know you need solutions! Stains take away from your curb appeal and your enjoyment of your property. Get rid of those concrete driveway oil stains once and for all.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Scrub

Your first instinct may be to get a huge bucket of soap and water and a thick, hard-bristled scrub brush and get to work. Beware: Elbow grease isn’t going to solve this one.

Scrubbing doesn’t work because all it does is spread the oil everywhere. Since concrete is a porous surface, this means more of the oil is absorbed, enlarging the stain and simply making your job harder.

The Keys? Absorption and Patience

There are two keys to success when it comes to ridding your concrete of oil stains: absorption and a large dose of patience.

Instead of pushing the oil farther into the concrete with a scrub brush, you need to draw it out. And you’ll have to allow some time for this to happen — there is no instant fix.

Follow These Steps

First, mix one ounce of trisodium phosphate (TSP) with one cup of water and mix thoroughly. Then add one cup of absorbent material. You could use baby powder or talcum powder. Once mixed, it should look like a white paste.

Wear gloves and protective eye gear and spread this paste over the stain with a trowel. It should be about a half-inch thick.

Let the paste dry for the next 24 hours. Make sure it doesn’t get wet. Once you’ve waited a day, scrape away the paste and dispose of it. Use a nylon brush and water to clean the area. Wire brushes can leave behind steel particles and lead to rusting.

You will see the stain has started to fade, but it will likely need two to three additional rounds of paste, unless it’s a new stain. It’s possible to get most of the oil out of the concrete, though you may still notice a slight discoloring, especially if the stain was there for quite some time.

What Else Is Wrong with Your Concrete?

Chances are, concrete driveway oil stains aren’t the only issue with your eyesore of a surface. Many homeowners deal with cracking, leaning and sinking areas of their concrete slab as well. Is this an issue for your home?

There’s a remedy for that too — Lift-Up Concrete. Using slabjacking, we quickly and affordably stabilize your sinking concrete, level out the surface and seal the cracks.

By dealing with concrete driveway oil stains and taking advantage of our on-site assistance with sinking concrete, you can have your driveway looking as good as new this summer. Call us today for a free quote.