Repairing a Sunken Garage Floor

Sunken Garage Floor Repair

It’s time to address that sunken garage floor that just gets more uneven every year. You’re tired of looking at the cracked, shifting slab sections and you’ve decided you’re going to completely replace the concrete.

Before you spend money unnecessarily on a complete tear-out job, consider making repairs instead. Why commit to an expensive, lengthy, involved project when a one-day solution is available?

Sunken Concrete Can Lead to Accidents

Have you tripped while walking to your car? A cracked and sunken portion of a garage floor can easily lead to injuries. If the damage is significant enough, your car might bottom out when you pull into the garage. This could damage the bumper or undercarriage.

If you’re trying to sell your home, a sunken garage floor is not only a liability for injuries, it’s also a turnoff for potential buyers. And if a home inspector deems it a safety issue, you might be forced to repair it.

Concrete Shifts and Sinks Over Time

One of the main reasons concrete garage floors sink is because the ground underneath settles. When the garage was built, the builders packed down the soil with a special machine to prepare it for the poured concrete slab.

But even with the most high-tech equipment on the job, it’s impossible to completely eradicate all the air pockets beneath the soil’s surface. Over time, as these air pockets evaporate, the foundation for your garage floor sinks, and the concrete along with it.

Serious stormwater runoff also can affect the stability of your garage floor. Too much soil erosion can lead to destabilization, which can lead to sinking.

What’s the Best Way to Repair the Damage?

Common sense might tell you the only option you have is to completely rip up the sunken slab, but that’s not accurate. If you haven’t heard about this repair tactic before, it’s time to get in the know: Slabjacking is the answer for your home.

A slabjacking company will drill a small hole in the sunken portion and inject stabilizing grout beneath the surface. This procedure will raise the section back to its previous even level. Then the crack is filled in along with the drill hole.

Want to know the best part? You can leave all of your tools and equipment in your garage while this takes place, which will only take a few hours. The pump used to inject the grout is strong enough to lift the entire slab and everything that’s on it.

No noise, no dust, no waste. Also, it’s a fraction of the price of a tear-out.

Get rid of your sunken garage floor and schedule a fast restoration — call Lift-Up Concrete today for a free estimate.