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The Pros and Cons of Mudjacking a Settled Concrete Slab

Is mudjacking the right fix for the cracked or sunken concrete at your Ogden home? Can the repair method really restore the stability and appearance of a damaged driveway, pool deck, porch, garage or any other settled outdoor slab?

Most people in northern Utah are pleasantly surprised to learn that mudjacking is a highly effective concrete repair technique. And for the vast majority of homeowners in the Ogden area, it’s the best option.

How Mudjacking Works

Concrete slabs sink and crack as a result of changes in the earth underneath. Over time, soil can expand, contract, shift and wash away, creating air pockets that compromise the integrity of the concrete and make a slab unstable.

Mudjacking works to stabilize the soil and return a settled slab to its original level position. After drilling a few small holes, a professional contractor is able to fill the pockets of air with a cement slurry mixture. The moment that’s done, pressure raises the concrete into the proper place. Once the cracks and drilled holes have been sealed, the slab is ready for use.

Advantages of Mudjacking

Looking at the pros of mudjacking, it’s easy to see why Ogden homeowners go with this method of concrete repair. Mudjacking is:

  • Affordable – Tearing out and replacing a settled slab typically costs two to three times as much as hiring a professional for mudjacking.
  • Effective – Soil instabilities are eliminated through the mudjacking process, but that isn’t the case with concrete tear-out and replacement.
  • Efficient – Unlike the process of slab replacement, mudjacking is fast, and getting concrete mudjacked does no damage to the landscape.

Are There Downsides to Mudjacking?

So, we’ve explained that mudjacking is both cheaper and more effective than slab replacement. We mentioned, too, that the concrete repair technique offers quick results without disturbing the landscape. There has to be a catch, right?

Well, it’s true that mudjacking has limits – the method isn’t viable for a slab that is badly cracked, crumbled or deteriorated. And while evidence of the repair work isn’t easily visible after the surface has been sealed, the concrete isn’t going to look as pristine as a newly poured slab.

Other than that, there really aren’t any other cons to mudjacking. And for most homeowners in Ogden and the surrounding northern Utah area, the fact that you can see that the repair has been completed isn’t a problem – it’s a fair trade-off for having a secure, stable concrete slab and not having to pay a high price for the work.

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