Mudjacking Consultation

What to Ask During a Mudjacking Consultation

Many professional concrete repair contractors that serve Ogden, Utah, offer free, no-obligation mudjacking consultations. But as is the case with other service-oriented businesses, not all have the same standards. And while research can reveal some information, it isn’t always enough to know whether a contractor is capable of providing high-quality results.

Fortunately, mudjacking consultations include time for questions – and by asking the right questions, you can determine if a contractor is the right choice. Here’s what you should aim to find out when you meet with a local concrete repair professional.

Is Mudjacking the Right Method of Concrete Repair?

Mudjacking is an effective fix for most cracked, settled and sunken slabs, but the method isn’t always appropriate. If the surface of your slab is crumbled or badly cracked, the mudjacking method of repair may not work well – and a reputable Ogden contractor will give you an honest opinion as to the best route to take.

What Experience Do You Have with Similar Projects?

While being in business for several years speaks to being reliable and trustworthy, those qualities alone don’t ensure effective concrete repair. Mudjacking requires expertise, and you’re going to want to choose a local professional contractor with experience handling projects that are similar yours.

Can You Explain the Costs and What the Project Involves?

Toward the end of your mudjacking consultation, you should be presented with an estimate for the project. At that time, feel free to ask about any fees that are unclear in nature and if you can expect any additional costs. Clarify the mudjacking project and the total price, and you won’t be surprised by the final bill.

How Will the Property Look When the Work is Complete?

We hate to say it, but some contractors aren’t all that neat and tidy with their work. During your mudjacking consultation, ask if you need to worry about landscape damage and clean-up after the project is complete. That way, you can get some reassurance that your Ogden property will remain in good shape.

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A locally owned and operated concrete repair contractor, Lift-Up Concrete has extensive experience in mudjacking uneven walkways, cracked concrete steps, tilted garage floors, damaged parking lots and other settled and sunken slabs. We only offer our mudjacking services when we know the repair method will work – and we also offer a full satisfaction guarantee.

At Lift-Up Concrete, we’re proud to provide top-quality concrete repair for an affordable price, and you can count on our team to meet your needs. To schedule a free, no-obligation mudjacking consultation with a trusted professional contractor serving Ogden, Utah, contact us today.