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What Should Ogden Homeowners Ask in a Mudjacking Consultation?

Homeowners in Ogden can discuss mudjacking and concrete repair with a number of professional contractors, since most offer free consultations. However, as is the case with other service-oriented businesses in northern Utah, not all have the same standards.

So, how do you know if a contractor is worthy of your trust?

Online research helps, but the right questions can point you toward the right decision. During your mudjacking consultations, here’s what you should ask.

Is Mudjacking the Right Choice?

The mudjacking process is effective for most sunken, settled and cracked concrete slabs. You’ll notice we didn’t say it works for all damaged slabs – that’s because it doesn’t. For crushed or crumbling concrete, mudjacking isn’t the right solution. Reputable contractors will offer honest opinions on which method of concrete repair you need and why it’s the best option.

What Experience Do You Have with Similar Projects?

Businesses that have been serving Ogden homeowners for several years should be a safe bet. However, before choosing a professional contractor, find out if they have completed mudjacking projects that are similar to yours – and, if so, how often they do that type of work. If, for example, you’d like to fix the concrete around your pool, you want to hire a contractor who routinely repairs pool decks.

How Do You Estimate the Costs of a Mudjacking Project?

When you meet with a professional contractor, you should receive an estimate for concrete repair services. Ask for an explanation of the costs for your mudjacking project – and ask if you can expect any additional fees. Some northern Utah contractors have been known to tack on extra charges after starting a job, and going into detail about the mudjacking estimate can help you avoid this outcome.

What Will the Property Look Like When the Work is Done?

The purpose behind this question is to find out if a professional contractor is neat and careful when completing mudjacking projects. Some don’t make an effort to avoid landscape damage from the equipment, and Ogden homeowners have been left to deal with cleanup once the job is done. Clearly, you don’t want to deal with either situation, so get assurance that your northern Utah property will be in good hands.

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When you’re in need of a reputable professional contractor to complete a mudjacking or concrete repair project at your Ogden home, turn to Lift-Up Concrete.

A locally owned and operated company, Lift-Up Concrete has years of experience in mudjacking. Our team routinely repairs cracked driveways, sunken sidewalks, tilted porch steps, settled pool decks, tilted patios and other damaged concrete slabs. We recommend mudjacking when we know it’s the best option, and you can count on us for cost-effective concrete repair services and high-quality results.

For more information, or to schedule a mudjacking consultation at your Ogden home, contact Lift-Up Concrete today.